May 25, 2024


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Hypervre Gold Software Review

HyperVRE GOLD is software that creates keyword based niche content websites that generate passive affiliate income streams for its owners.

Matt Callen designed HyperVRE, which means “Hyper Virtual Real Estate,” for newbies and experienced — but busy Internet marketers.

Internet marketing guru John Reese coined the term “Virtual Real Estate.” It’s a comparison to staking a claim to land back in America’s early days. Those who got apiece early became wealthy. Here is the same opportunity today, but in the cyber world via building niche topic websites and the early birds are locking in their positions now before the masses catch on.

Newbies will love the fact that this software is easy to use. They don’t need to know any difficult to understand web-programming language. It eliminates the time consuming manual labor normally required to build profitable niche websites.

It includes a built-in keyword suggestion tool. By typing in a main keyword, this tool searches for related keywords to create targeted keyword rich content web pages that search engines and people like.

Having relevant content on websites is important to give visitors what they want and to rank better in the search engines. Many newbies and experience affiliate marketers understand this but just don’t have the time or desire to write article content to grow their websites. Matt’s software solves this dilemma by searching the web to find free to reprint targeted keyword rich articles and then creates individual web pages from these articles.

Users can also import their PLR – Private Label Rights membership articles or manually enter articles written by themselves or by hired ghostwriters.

Experienced Internet or affiliate marketers will appreciate the way this application automatically integrates commission-paying links from Amazon, ClickBank and PayDotCom into surrounding content via “contextual ad links.” When visitors move their mouse over underlined keywords within articles, popup ads will appear that contain their affiliate link to a related commission-paying product.

Users can play with the Affiliate Product Selection tool and find the keyword related products from within these affiliate networks.

For people addicted to the passive income generating power of Google Adsense Ads, Matt developed his software to include them on strategic sections of each web page that gets high click thru rates.

With this website generating application, there isn’t a need to purchase anything else. It includes a set of web page templates to make sites look unique. Users who want extra customization only need to do a minimum amount of tweaking.

With this website generator, there are no monthly subscription fees to pay to continue using it. The current total price is $167, which includes free updates and a private forum to exchange tips, stories, request new features and get general support.

Its license allows users to build an unlimited number of websites, either large or small without any additional costs.

This HyperVRE GOLD has the potential of drastically reducing the time and effort it would normally take for online entrepreneurs to create a market niche dominating virtual real estate empire.