May 20, 2024


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How To Utilize A For Sale By Owner Home Fact Sheet

A fact sheet prepared for your for sale by owner home will prove to be one of the strongest marketing tools. Fact sheets, sometimes referred to as home brochures, are usually attached in a weather case to the For Sale sign in the yard of the home. You can also place them inside your home to give to buyers. It is a good practice to pass out fact sheets at open houses and home showings.

Upon seeing a for sale by owner home, buyers naturally have many questions about the home. How big is it? How many bedrooms and bathrooms are there? What are the special features of the home? These are the questions that you answer on your for sale by owner home fact sheet.

When you prepare a fact sheet for your home for sale by owner, you should include several key pieces of information:
Total square footage of the home
Number of bedrooms and bathrooms
Dimensions of the bedrooms, dining room, living room, and kitchen
The names of local schools
Your contact information
The address of the home
A color photograph of the home
Dates and times of future showings

Since school information is subject to change, it is a good idea to mention this on the for sale by owner home fact sheet. Place an asterisk (*) next to the heading for school information and reference the asterisk at the bottom of the fact sheet. Simply say that school information is subject to change and the government can be contact for the most up to date information.

Surely, there is more to your home than the size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Did you recently remodel the kitchen? Add on a patio? These facts are perfect for including in your for sale by owner home fact sheet. In fact, the fact sheet should include the facts about your for sale by owner home that make it saleable.

Dont clutter the page with too much information. Its unlikely that every single thing about your home is a saleable fact. Even so, the buyer isnt likely to read the entire fact sheet if it is filled with too much information. Choose the absolute best features of your home and use those rather than trying to include everything that makes the house valuable.

The picture you use on your for sale by owner home fact sheet is important. If you have already taken a picture for listing your home in a real estate magazine or other advertising vehicle, that picture might very well work. Make sure the exterior of the home is attractive, the lawn is manicured, and there are no distracting objects in the picture. You might also include pictures of the inside of the home to give buyers a better view of what you have to offer.

Your fact sheets will look best on glossy paper. Although it might be a couple of cents more than some alternatives, it will present your for sale by owner home in its best. This is exactly what you need to ensure a successful offer.