May 19, 2024


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How To Sell Luxury Homes The Fast & Easy Way

If you want to sell luxury homes the fastest and easiest way possible, you are going to love this.

Conventional wisdom tells us that if we want to sell luxury homes we need to hire a real estate agent.

But, can real estate agents really sell luxury homes?

Most realtors know that the higher end market is not as active and lucrative as it once was and that buyers with financial resources are even fewer and harder to find.

Also, agents list ten; twenty, or even hundreds of homes at a time, and none of their clients get the agent’s personal attention. And if you did list with an agent, most likely, your home is shown by other agents whom you haven’t met and who know little or nothing about your home.

But luxury homes don’t sell because there is a lack of buyers or because of a bad economy…. Luxury homes don’t sell because of a lack of marketing.

The shocking truth is: “Realtors don’t learn marketing in Realtor School”. They simply learn enough to pass a state exam that asks them about real estate principles that have nothing to do with effectively marketing a luxury home.

Also, most realtors don’t possess the “cutting edge” marketing resources needed in today’s economical climate. Their limited financial resources will not allow them to create the exposure needed to generate a good response from high-end buyers to get the home sold. In the end, your house does not sell.

So, if you want to sell a luxury home, you can list with an agent, wait months or even years before you can sell it or you can sell your home directly to a ready, willing and capable buyer.

Luxury Homes Exposé is an international luxury-house- buying- organization that buys luxury homes all throughout North America.

They are empowered by global capitalization and that simply means that they can finalize the purchase of your home in minimum time of just a few weeks.

This saves you from numerous hassles, a great deal of money; and, since there are no agents involved, you save a whole lot of money in commission fees.

Luxury Homes Exposé is associated with a group of private investors who buys 5 to 10 luxury homes every month. They use private funds that required no long bank approvals enabling them to close quickly.