May 30, 2024


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How to get started in the Mortgage Field Service Business

The type of business mentioned is one where you help out mortgage bankers with foreclosures, they need these homes inspected, they hire field service inspectors to go by the home and take photos and fill out a form that answers questions such as occupancy and if repairs need to be made. It is important for mortgage field service companies to offer all types of inspections from insurance loss, to reverse mortgage occupancy, to delinquency inspections.

Banks have many foreclosures that are abandoned and need property preservation services done to maintain the property for resale. Real estate investors hire someone to do a visual inspection of the home, and document occupancy and damage done to the infastructure.

Banks need help cleaning foreclosures

Banks need companies who can clean and maintain all the foreclosed homes, the bank will lose money if it can not get these homes taken care of fast. You will be required to secure, clean and repair homes that have been vandelized, damaged and trashed out. No matter what the economy, good or bad homes will still need to be maintained.

If you are investing in real estate property that is located out of state it will also cause you a deal of concern and the need for a local cleaning business who can handle all the day to day contracts and activities of hauling the trash and fixing any broken doors or windows. One of the best businesses to start in this down economy some would say is the ones who can go and clean.

Lenders are left holding the bag with all the defaulted properties that continue to rise amidst a bleak economy. Going through foreclosure affects a persons credit report, how will this effect a person who may want to buy a home again in the future, walking away from a home that is behind in mortgage payments.