June 18, 2024


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How to Find Apartments for Students in Atlanta

Finding Apartments for Students in Atlanta

Georgia Tech students seeking an alternative to the noise, restrictiveness and lack of privacy associated with dorm living may wish to consider moving out of the dorm and into some nice apartments for students in Atlanta. With government funding for higher education dropping every year, more and more of the burden is falling on students as the cost of virtually everything on campus continues its uncontrolled upward spiral. Finding Atlanta apartments for students often offer a more economical alternative. At the very least, a student will get substantially more freedom and privacy for the same cost.

Consider room rates for on-campus housing at Georgia Tech for the current academic year. According to the institution’s website, a tradition double room with community bath at Fulmer Hall is $2,179 per semester – which works out to around $650 per month.

That same $650 can buy an 800 square foot, two bedroom one bath apartment located only 5 miles from campus – about a 20 – 30 minute commute on a bicycle. For around $500, one can have a one bedroom apartment with AC and free high-speed Internet.

One thing to keep in mind when considering choosing apartments for students in Atlanta is that in most cases, the resident is responsible for utilities, i.e., electric and gas (water and sewer is usually included). Therefore, students looking for off-campus housing will probably want to consider a smaller unit that is less expensive to heat during the winter. Even when this is taken into consideration, the cost is usually comparable to dorm living – with the added bonuses of privacy and freedom.

In fact, a simple Internet search on your favorite search engine will reveal numerous rental units within 5 miles of campus in the $450 – $600 price range. Better yet, many of these apartments maintain websites, so if you are from outside the metro area, you can easily take “virtual tours” of many affordable apartments for students in Atlanta.

Doing some online shopping ahead of time is highly recommended. You’ll find some places that are actually pet-friendly, and a number of Atlanta apartments for students offer move-in deals, such as a rental discount or even a free month for new tenants.

It is expected in today’s society that students will make some sacrifices in order to obtain an education, but privacy and freedom from what are often mindless rules and regulations don’t have to be among them. Thanks to all-time lows in mortgage rates over the past several years, many renters left apartments to purchase their own homes – leaving an abundance of vacancies. Check out the wide selection of affordable apartments in Atlanta, Georgia that offer economical alternatives for traditional (and non-traditional) college students today.