July 13, 2024


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How To Become A Real Estate Appraiser

A career as a real estate appraiser can be a very exciting and lucrative endeavor.  Before you become a real estate appraiser, you need to know a little about what the job entails.  A real estate appraiser’s job is to investigate all aspects of real property to determine its value.  This value is used for loan purposes, sale or purchase, investment or mortgage.  In gathering information about a specific piece of property, appraisers use a variety of formulas to assess the estimated value of the property, taking into account location and other trends that could influence the value of the property in the future.  They also access public records for any additional information that can assist them in making an accurate appraisal, including records of previous sales or assessments.  

Now that you are familiar with the job of a real estate appraiser, let’s get you licensed!  The first step to become a real estate appraiser is to obtain your appraiser’s license.  There are many schools and organizations that offer schooling, but one of the best options is through an online real estate school.  With technology and the advances in the internet, distance learning has become a very popular medium.  Real Estate Web Schools is a popular online portal that lists all online schools that offer appraisal licensing courses so you can find the best value.  Costs and benefits vary, so make sure you do your homework.

Great, you obtained your real estate appraisal license!  Now it’s time to get you business.  Just as other professions in the real estate industry, people skills are a necessity.  Building relationships with real estate agents, mortgage professionals, other appraisers and consumers is essential to your success.   Lead generation and consistent follow-up have to be the most important pieces of this puzzle, along with educating yourself on the current market.  If you are diligent and professional in your real estate appraisal business, you will see results.  It doesn’t matter the current condition of the market, the business is always out there; you just have to find it.  You will also need to keep yourself educated on new developments in your industry.  Real estate appraisal continuing education will keep you up-to-date and ahead of the competition.  Remember, education is the key to success.

Take all factors into consideration when beginning a career as a real estate appraiser.  In starting your own business, it will take time to build up your clientele and see results.  Plan for the future and make sure you can survive while you’re getting your business off the ground.  Overall, a job as a real estate appraiser is one of the best careers around.  You get to be your own boss and have the flexibility to manage your schedule so you can spend time with your family and friends.  Good luck in your career!