July 13, 2024


Mad about real estate

Houses For Sale in Auckland – Advice for Buyers

For those unfamiliar with Auckland, especially those living offshore, it may be a daunting task when first attempting to identify potential properties to rent or purchase.The first task is to narrow the region of interest to a particular suburb.

My advice to everyone looking to purchase particularly is as follows;

– firstly define your absolute requirements i.e. 3 bedrooms, 2 car garaging, pool etc
– then decide upon your maximum budget
– the next step is to select a major real estate website and insert the search criteria house for sale Auckland, inserting the criteria as defined above (its always useful to insert a price range a little above your budget to allow for negotiation.)

The resulting properties identified will be across all Auckland regions and will allow you to decide which areas to eliminate immediately by the standard and type of properties on offer.

For those unfamiliar with the suburbs identified, a map search will give a clear picture of where each suburb is located in relation to main commercial and geographical features. This will, again, enable you to eliminate regions and begin to define suburbs of interest.

Repeating this process on a number of websites, commencing with the criteria house for sale Auckland and working through the above process will confirm your selection of appropriate suburbs.

For those wishing to sell a property, commencing with the heading house for sale Auckland is likely to render your investment in marketing, at best, ineffectual as, like all major cities those looking to purchase have much more closely defined geographic criteria and the likelihood of such wide criteria catching a buyer’s attention is minimal.

Those wishing to sell a motor vehicle would never use a heading “car for sale” and yet we do see people being equally as ineffectual when attempting to sell homes of far greater value.