May 18, 2024


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Horse Properties in Los Angeles

When most people think of Los Angeles, they think of either glitz, Hollywood, crowded streets and horrible traffic, or abject poverty and crime in areas such as the East Side and South Side.  In other words, they think of city properties and nothing else.

 However, once you know the area, you know that there are actually more rural parts of Los Angeles, where those who are fans of horses can enjoy the equestrian life.  They can either live the luxurious high life of sprawling farms or they can life in apartments next to farms, where they can still have access to their horses and have a place to ride.  There are even areas of land listed specifically for the right buyer, if that buyer is interested in property geared just for horses and the farm life that sometimes comes along with it.  You certainly don’t get anything like that in New York City.

 To be fair, there has been talk of a downturn of good equestrian properties since the financial crisis hit.  Still, the Los Angeles area states that there are at least 1,793 confirmed equestrian areas, and that, overall, that figure is up since early 2008.  So, it would seem that reality and the worry of some horse parks, farms, and tracks that have closed down, many of which are being turned into something else, is just the natural progression of time, and nothing to be overly worried about.

 The best thing about owning a home with horse properties is that where the horses roam, or are boarded, doesn’t have to be far off in the distance from the home.  These homes are zoned so that, if you choose, you can have your barn literally just yards from your back door. 

 So, what are you looking for?  Horse properties in Los Angeles County can literally range from a couple of thousand dollars to multi-millions.  One property that was listed came in at around $80 million dollars; naturally, the horse farm wasn’t a major feature of such a palatial mansion.  Another property was listed at $23 million, but was built specifically for horses, as it has around 255 stalls, a full equestrian center and horse park, 3 arenas, an area sized for polo matches, and many other things geared specifically for horses.  This “little” 237 acre property was formerly part of filmmaker Cecil B. DeMille’s Paradise Ranch, and is also set up for residential property and sales.

 Of course, if your budget doesn’t quite fit anything like that, you could think of properties like one presently around the area known as Agua Dulce, where a single family 3-bedroom home comes with five acres and six-stall barn with grooming area and a track already built less than 100 yards from the main house.  This one is a “steal” as a rental property at around $3,200 a month. 

 When it comes to equestrian property, areas such as Brentwood and Glendale are close enough to the city of Los Angeles for work, but far enough to enjoy the best land possible for one’s horses.  Areas such as Canyon County, CA, are close to Los Angeles, but are seated in hilly areas that offer great background views from both homes and tracks, at relatively reasonable prices for smaller, affordable spaces.

 However, the Burbank area of Los Angeles County is considered the premiere area for finding horse properties of all types.  In this area, there are over 250 horse properties, and many are up for sale at literally “steal” prices because of the housing crisis in the area.  It’s obviously considered the most “horse friendly” area of the county, listing more than 1,200 horses, which is more of an estimate since, it turns out, there are no rules saying owners have to list their properties as horse properties, let alone tell how many horses they really have.

 So, if you have a love of horses, are looking to move to the Los Angeles area or already live in the Los Angeles area, and you’re looking to make a deal, this is probably the best time to try to find a realtor skilled in finding horse properties, which are prominent in this area, and get a nice horse property at an affordable rate, or be ostentatious and go for broke.  Either way, there are plenty of properties to choose from, which means something for everyone.