April 15, 2024


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Home Staging – The Savvy Realtors Marketing Weapon Of Choice

In today’s competitive residential real estate market, realtors continually seek to provide additional value for their clients.  This can be in part accomplished by expanding the range of services they provide.  Home staging is one such value-added service.  This process showcases the property to its full potential and effectively increases the potential for a higher selling price and more rapid sale.  Savvy realtors use this tool as a competitive marketing advantage over other realtors and ultimately a way to differentiate their listing from other competitive listings in the area.

Staged homes and condos provide a distinct marketing advantage over non-staged homes, since these properties look their best and are very welcoming.  Buyers view well staged homes and condos as “cared for” and “move-in ready”, which meets the expectations of what they seek. This emotional connection between the buyers and the home occurs because the buyer feels that they have found what they are looking for (their dream home) and feels that they must act quickly to purchase the home before another buyer does.  These buyers are much less likely to try to chip away at the asking price.

For realtors, offering home staging helps to secure the listing of the property during the listing presentation, by offering a value-added service which will improve the selling price and speed of sale. This is a service which home sellers highly value.  Home staging is an extremely effective tool and results in a win-win-win situation. The buyer gets the home of their dreams, the seller sells faster at a higher price, and the realtor sells the property sooner.

In addition, the home staging process reduces stress for the realtor by allowing a professional home stager to focus on ensuring the house looks its best.  This means that the realtor can simply focus on finding possible buyers and the selling process.

Finally, home staging showcases the home or condo for the MLS listing photographs, property feature sheet and other marketing materials. This is great, because your home can really stand out from the competition even with just a quick glance, further accentuating the features and specifications of the property.  Savvy realtors understand the benefits that home staging offers them and their clients.

About the author:

Anne Bourne and her team at StagingWorks provide professional home staging in Toronto.  Anne and her home staging services company have been featured in the newspapers the National Post and the Globe and Mail, and on the television shows CityTV News and On The Money, where she has provided home staging tips and advice.