April 18, 2024


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HOA Rules and Regulations – How does it affect you?

HOA refers to a homeowner’s association and consists of homeowners that have to pay for maintaining community facilities within a housing property. In a condominium, for example, would need to pay a monthly fee so that facilities like clubhouse, the landscape and snow removal. This would natural mean the more facilities you are privileged to use, the higher your fees would be.

Knowing HOA guidelines is an important step if you’re serious about owning a property with HOA – this would refer to leased properties, condominiums, townhouses, gated properties and planned property of any sort. When you do move into a HOA property, you will need to get familiar with HOA rules, since you will be requested to join the group. As a result, it is a good idea to have a clear understanding homeowner associations before you purchase a property.

As far as the fundamentals are concerned, monthly fees collected by HOA could be anywhere from $200-$400 every month. Typically, if the property has a broad range of amenities and if it is an upscale property, then you can expect the fees to be higher. Along with the monthly fees, you may also have to pay additional charges. For instance, if the building requires a new roof or an elevator, you may be asked to shell out several thousands if the home association cannot pay for it by itself.

Apart from fees, there are also HOA regulations that residents must adhere to – they are referred to as covenants, conditions, or restrictions (CC&Rs). If you were sharing a building with other in a planned developed property, you would need to paint your front door with a color that is stated by the HOA. Additionally, you may also be prevented from obtaining your satellite dish, or from hanging your laundry outside and keeping your favorite choice of pets. These regulations are similar to those of people living in apartments.

There are laws to curtail the governance of HOAs from eating into the rights of homeowners. However, in all likelihood, the HOA is likely to have a profound impact on your living situation. Consequently, it is best that you read more about HOA’s rules ahead of buying property that adheres to HOA rules. You can find out more about your HOA’s CC&Rs online. Do not forget to research information about he consequences of breaking a rule. Be sure to access the current information on the Internet, since there is a lot of dated information available. In addition, you can even get some advice from your real estate agent to acquire the correct document. And last but not least, you have the final option of  contacting the HOA directly.

You would need to pay close attention to rules that are associated with fines and if the HOA has the right to foreclose your property for not paying fines. Try to lean as much as you can about the amendment process as well, in case you would like to make changes. Ask around and your neighbors will tell you when the HOA meetings are held, and whether it suits your convenience. However, remind yourself that if you feel that these rules are highly restrictive, you might want to think about making plans to purchase a home in another property.