May 29, 2024


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Hey Parents, are you Looking at Temecula Homes for Sale?

Do have kids and did you want to buy a home in Temecula California? If so then please let me introduce you to Homes in Menifee California. Menifee is 16 miles north of Temecula. Both cities are located next to the freeway, and are 10-15 minutes apart. Most people know more about Temecula than Menifee. Menifee began to take shape in the 80s. At the point of this writing in 2007 I want to share about a particular place in Menifee because not all of Menifee is ideal, but there is one place where all the local professionals, police and fire officers and teachers go to raise their children and it has everything! So much so that I wish I grew up in a place like it. There is more in this place being offered to children for FREE than was offered where I lived in Los Angeles and Orange County growing up. The place I want to talk about is my listing in Menifee Lakes California.

I am currently selling 30486 Lake Watch Court, Menifee, CA 92584. As an Orange County and Los Angeles person, which is where I grew up mostly in Southern California, Temecula and the IE (Inland Empire real estate which includes Riverside County and San Bernardino County, Temecula is a city in Riverside County as is Menifee) meant everything east of the 57 Freeway and everything west of that was the main area where things were happening. Extremely recent changes in the California real estate market have changed all that. The Inland Empire no longer stands for the desert or a place where nothing exists. the IE is no longer a phrase for similar small town living outside the city. Now the IE is a country. So many people now live and work here. It has it’s own cities, it’s own regions, it’s own diversity, a rich diversity of city life, country life, suburban life, singles life, and all walks of life now live here.

As a Southern California Real Estate Specialist I would like to contend that Riverside County may even be more happily diverse than Los Angeles. There are people from many different cultures living side by side in Riverside County. Why? The houses. They’re nice. They’re affordable. They’re….bigger? Better? Taller and wider than the OC and Los Angeles?? Yes, yes yes! They are nicer and no matter where you seem to go you have your own space, your own personality within that space. You can be a true individual out here, a true family unit. You can fulfill all your fantasies of what a home should be in the Menifee Lakes community especially.

Menifee Lakes is a community of old family values and similarities with a slight twist, the kids that grow up in this community are self aware, abundant, really cool and plugged in to their community. Yes, finally a community that takes care of their own that’s not wierd. The kids here do not act like community droids like you would find at a boarding school or a religious community. They also do not act like country bumbkins who grow up without learning how to read. Nope, the kids here are different, unique, bold, and they reflect the modern era of what a kid is suppose to be in order to make it, an explorer, a thinker, a doer. People come to Menifee Lakes to raise their children because it is peaceful and amped with things to do.

The lakes at Menifee Lakes are crystal clear, there’s free fishing, ducks, and seagulls? Yes! It is an ideal place to live also because all the schools are in walking distance except high school which is just a couple miles away and you do not have to cross any major streets to go to elementary and middle school, how much safer can a community be? The kids are all polite and almost every household has some at all ages from babies to teens to early young adults. There is also a junior college, a very famous one, San Jacinto JC, right on the same block, which teaches at least 13,000 students a semester, so there is a mindset toward learning in this community and it saves the parents money and the kids time driving to and from school. The kids can walk to their college classes, how unheard of is that? In addition recreation and activities are also very important. There are free concerts and festivals set up by the community. There are also many activities for kids to do, a park with organized sports and adult activities like jazzercize in walking distance and open to all ages k-senior, and their is even a senior softball league, not to mention Ayso soccer, little league baseball, basketball, most of the kids that I have seen are skaters, and the list of things to do goes on. Most importantly the kids find things that they like to do and interact well with each other. New college kids are also always flooding into the area studying and eating at the local restaurants as well.

Menifee Lakes California was the first born son of the new community life in Menifee, CA. Established in 1989 the Menifee Lake community is the exemplary role model for living in Menifee city and the city is very proud to have this exclusive community as are the homeowners because of the real historic and family values here. The unincorporated city of Menifee Lakes even has its own beautiful country club, “Menifee Lakes Country Club,” which is in walking distance. Shopping is also close to this community. Everything is in walking distance and the freeways are less than a half mile. Major department stores are located here and I don’t mean more than 5 minutes away. This community is extremely clean and the people who own Menifee Lakes homes are good about looking out for each other since there are so many families that live here.

Perhaps the biggest difference between the homes for sale in Temecula and Menifee homes in Riverside County California is the price tag. The cheapest homes in Temecula range close to $450,000 at the time of this writing and the more expensive homes go up to over a million dollars. Regardless of when this was written, in Menifee Lakes the average sales price is about $50,000 less than the cheapest homes in Temecula and that’s probably going to last for a while, yet my home listings in Menifee Lakes are top of the line and with such an amazing community can Temecula match the benefits I can offer your children in Menifee Lakes? Come talk to me to buy a home in Southern California. My name is J R Middlebrook and I can represent you. My website is