July 20, 2024


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Hawaii Homes and Volcanoes for Sale

Can anybody find a home? For investment or for living in, looking for homes for sale in Hawaii could be just part of that all-in package vacation. Which is what some friends of mine discovered recently on their vacation to the islands. They liked the country so much they bought a piece of it. When people talk about Hawaii, they think of Waikiki beach or Honolulu; the capital city located on the Oahu Island. Fair enough-but what people don’t realize when they look at a map of the island is, Oahu is actually one of the smaller islands within the archipelago group of hundreds of other Hawaiian islands. Yes, that’s right Hawaii comprises around 100 distinct islands and many others that are not shown on the map and covers a span of 1500 km. As a matter of trivia interest, Hawaii has some distinctive differences to other states of the US. For a start it is nowhere near the US. It is completely surrounded by water and hence has no boundary lines. It has a royal palace (since it used to be an ancient sovereign Polynesian kingdom) and it continues to grow in land area due to the volcanic lava activity. When some friends of mine visited the islands recently, they were equally surprised by the lushness, beauty and grace of these islands, and they immediately fell in love. ” After stepping of the plane it was as though the volume had been turned up on our senses”, they were telling me. The stunning scenery along the Kauai’s Napali Coast , the mule ride down to the Kalaupapa peninsula and the drive along the Manu Trail on Lanai is where they found some of the most incredible views they’d ever seen. One of their highlights of the trip was visiting the Kilauea Volcanoes at the National Park, a 377 square mile park on Hawaii’s Big Island, a living museum where tourists can witness the powerful Hawaiian volcanoes that give great spiritual power. Which is where they came across the district of Puna, they felt a special affinity with Puna, a mesmerizing spiritual feeling that gave them a single unexplainable urge of belonging here. Puna offers some of the most pristine nature or untouched rainforests and goethermally heated ocean lagoons, black sand beaches and those undeveloped trails like the Old Puna trail beach road, of course golden sand beaches can be found at the other end of the island around 15Km away. Somewhere in Puna , nestled somewhere between the lush rainforests and the ocean, my friends found some Hawaii house sellers real estate and homes for sale; a 5 acre plot of land. They couldn’t resist, and without any delay they had the paper work processed, put the deal through and paid a very reasonable price for it. The last time I spoke to them was a couple of months ago, it seems they are having a holiday home built on land by a local company. And about the vacation, they said quote: “that was a vacation they’ll never forget! “. Of course, the only souvenir I got for the suggestion was a lump of Hawaiian lava rock!