June 18, 2024


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Haunted Houses of Maryland

Rich with tales of civil war apparitions and ghosts of former hospital patients, Maryland is a state that has a colorful paranormal history. Today we’ll focus on just a few of the homes that have earned the ghastly reputation of being haunted -in case you’re in market for some haunted real estate of your own.

The first stop on our tour is the Paint Branch Home in the city of Adelphi, which is currently being used as a retirement home. A former slave house, the spirits that haunt the estate don’t appear to be violent, but have been known to linger around bedrooms and fill the house with their singing. Songs of the dead can be bone chilling indeed!

Next up is the abandoned mansion on Asylum Road in Catonsville. Whispers and loud noises can be heard from inside in the house, even though the property has been vacant for many years. Some have even claimed to see people walking around the yard, only to disappear into the ether a moment later.

In Ellicott City, Oak Lawn is a stone house that dates back nearly two hundred years. Reports of paranormal activity include disembodied footsteps, flickering lights, and the smell of food cooking. Due to the ghost’s penchant for food, he became known as the Cooking Ghost, and has become a regular fixture on the property.

Also in Ellicott is a home known as Lilburn. It’s reputed to be one of the most haunted places in the state of Maryland. There’s constant speculation as to who is actually haunting the home, as a number of people have died on the premises. Inexplicable noises, windows refusing to stay shut, and strong odors in empty rooms are just a few of the happenings reported by witnesses. One of the staff members in the house also claimed to have seen the ghostly figures of a man and a girl wandering around, as well as hearing a child’s cry coming from one of the rooms.

In the unincorporated town of Urbana, Landon House has become particularly famous for its resident ghost dogs. In the early days of the house, a large number of dogs died in the basement area, leaving behind panicked scratch marks on the walls and unsettled spiritual energy. The dogs have been heard barking by a number of witnesses over the years, with no rational explanation. In addition to the dogs, the apparition of a friendly female spirit has been spotted on the estate, as well as the specter of a Civil War officer.

In Perryman, the legend of the Perryman Mansion has grown over the years thanks to its remote location and imposing demeanor. It hasn’t been lived in for a number of years, and has fallen into an advanced state of disrepair. Common reports include mysterious voices, horrible stenches, and collections of animal bones both in and outside the house.

Finally, visitors to Towson’s Hampton Mansion have heard glass and china breaking, as well as the crashing of chandeliers, where no objects could be found. A former butler has also been seen roaming around the house from time to time, apparently unaware that he’s long since been discharged from his position.