May 24, 2024


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Guide to The Texas Foreclosure Process

If you are interested in investing in Texas Foreclosures and HUD Homes in Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and surrounding suburbs, this page provides you with the insight you need into the four stages of foreclosure. Each stage in the Home Foreclosure process provides a different investment opportunity.

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The Four Stages of Foreclosure

Great deals can be found in all four stages of the foreclosure process. Where you begin really depends on where you feel the most comfortable.

. Stage 1 – Before Legal Action Begins
. Stage 2 – After Legal Notices Filed
. Stage 3 – Foreclosure Auction
. Stage 4 – REO


If you can help someone pay off their mortgage before legal action begins, you can help them avoid having their credit ruined.


The grace period after the “Notice of Default” has been filed, where the owner can negotiate with the bank to pay off the remaining debt is called “pre-foreclosure.” If the owner can demonstrate to the bank that he has a qualified and willing buyer, the lender might agree to sell at a lower price than what is currently owed without ruining the borrower’s credit. This is called a “short sale.”


Once the lender has foreclosed on a property, the asset goes to public auction. If no one bids on the property at auction, then it usually reverts back to the lender.


When a property becomes an REO, ownership of the property has reverted back to the lender. The buyer negotiates a deal with the lender instead of dealing with a distressed owner.

The important thing is to decide at what phase of the distress cycle you want to participate in. Each phase has its advantages and disadvantages. Your preference is a matter of personal choice and financial wherewithal.

Why Specialized Realty for buying Foreclosures?

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Remember that buying foreclosure can be risky due to obvious reasons specially that the window of opportunity is narrow. The foreclosure process is fast paced and no every real estate professional is suited to deal in that environment. Juggling lenders, emotional sellers, and anxious clients can send any deal to the trash bin. So consult a qualified agent.