June 24, 2024


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Guide To Kionia In Tinos Island, Greece

You’ll find Tinos the most interesting and entertaining of all the island of Cyclades. Its architecture is greatly influenced by the Venitians, especially the churches which are real proofs built beautifully during that time. It is a perfect destination for you if you are seeking solitude and peace. Here you’ll not find crowded beaches and mass tourism. Tinos typically follows the old ways of life of islanders. You’ll also find various magnificent beaches here with breath taking landscape and crystal clear waters. The island has three ports for passenger speed boats, two ferries and high speed boats to carry passengers and the cars to other ports including Piraeus, Rafina, Mykonos, Andros and Syros.

You’ll find the beautiful settlement of Kionia at 3 kilometers from the capital town of Tinos Island. It offers the panoramic view of the Aegean and the great beach ideal for swimming and various water activities. The recent excavations have revealed certain parts of the temples as well as the baths and the hospice and various sculptures telling the tale of their grandeur. At about the distance of 1km you’ll find the Kionian bay with the peculiar semicircular structure and many inscriptions.

Kionia is a very long stretch of sand. You’ll notice a bit of shingle beginning at the Mistrali Taverna which then passes by the archaeological site of Poseidon and further runs all the way to Tinos. Along the coastal road you’ll come across numerous cafes and taverns where you can have good coffee and snacks. You’ll find lounges and umbrellas infront of the hotels which can be rented for a small amount. You’ll also find a few mysterious small coves following the rugged descending paths.

It is one of the most developed areas of the region.

Although the beach of Kionia is the most cosmopolitan beach of the Tinos Island but the coves further are great to visit as well. Close to the village is another interesting beach of Agios Markos known for its fine golden sand and crystal clear azure waters. You can also swim and participate in various water sports and have the sun bath at the beach sides. There are various taverns nearby to fulfill your appetite for typical local cuisines. The nightlife of Kionia is also vivacious and the best of all the villages of the island. It is fully developed area offering various accommodation facilities to its tourists with big hotel complexes and apartments for rent. So, what are you waiting for? Just foot-in this most comfortable and great village of Tinos, Kionia.