April 23, 2024


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Gilbert – It’s Still An Ideal Place To Buy A Home

The city’s careful approach to development has also produced a number of attractive residential areas and planned communities, where parks, man-made lakes, and equestrian trails create breathing space in a thriving semi-urban setting.

Homes amid Gilbert Arizona real estate range from affordable single family residences to desert estates and golf course homes with a wide variety of custom and luxury features. As a bonus, many homes in Gilbert are newly or recently built, thanks to the town’s continued growth and booming construction sector. Many of Gilbert’s larger properties also occupy mini ranch sections, affording scenic open acres of stunning desert mountain terrain.

Gilbert sprung up in the early 1900s, shortly after the construction of the Arizona Eastern Railway between Phoenix and Florence. The settlement grew into a prime farming community, known for a period as the “Hay Capital of the World.” Today, Gilbert is a diverse and exciting community, with new residents arriving daily in search of the abundant job opportunities and a wide selection of great real estate deals.

One of Gilbert’s more exciting projects is its Gateway Character Area, which has established a comfortable residential village, as well as shopping, services, and a number of entertainment venues, adjacent to Williams Gateway Airport. According to the Gilbert General Plan:

Gilbert’s location at the edge of the Phoenix Metro area allows easy access into the hills for a variety of outdoor recreation pursuits such as hiking, camping, and bird watching, with hundreds of bird species occupying the McDowell Mountains.

Purchasing a home is the first realistic step to building and producing financial freedom. Of course, if it’s your very first home, you are probably having an abundant amount of questions and information you feel that you must ingest, to be able to make a profitable decision. Questions like…

1) What type of down payment will be required?

2) What will my monthly payments be? And will there be fees added at the last minute?

3) How do I get qualified? And will my credit be good enough to qualify?

4) How do I find a trustworthy lender?

5) Who will represent my best interests?

Best news about the Gilbert community is that with the slow down in housing demands, Buyers are experiencing some big breaks from Residential Resale’s and Builders. So it really is a great time to buy in Gilbert.