June 24, 2024


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Getting Offers Accepted REO

getting reo offers accepted

Getting your REO Offers accepted is the goal of real estate agents in the foreclosure game. It, like most other important step’s in any process, need’s to be taken seriously, as it only takes a few mistake’s to make any promising agent look very unprofessional. And that could be detrimental to your future.

And our future is everything in the REO game.

Its not just a normal business, like buying stock from suppliers and selling from your store or shop. This take’s building real relationships with people that can actually hold YOUR key’s to success in there hands. Obviously banks want to take care of business, and they need Appraisers and agents to do so. But we still need to know the ins and outs of foreclosure’s , REO’s and BPO’s alike.

So my answer to getting the offer’s accepted would be to take a quick course or learn from someone who has the most experience. Personally I would reccommend getting Anthony Aires’ complete REO Business Kit:

Get Your Offers Accepted and other REO Business Training

Its everything you need, and it even COMES WITH A COMPLETE REO LIST.

Its not expensive and the training comes with alot of video and MP3 case studies. If you are the type that like’s to research and know exactly waht you are doing, than this is for you. There are NO short cut’s to success, we all must work to get there. But it really does help to have a head start. I mean, its obvious that many will try to get in the foreclosure game in one way or another. So making sure that you stand out from the pack is should be your number 1 priority.

After all, this is a relationship business when it boils down to it. So knowing what the business is all about will be a great help in getting your offer’s accepted on a regular basis. And using the training outlined in this guide will be of great assistance to you.

Not only will you learn about REO’s and how to get bank Lists, you will also learn every other aspect of the foreclosure business:

  1. The BPO REO Bank List
  2. The BPO Quick Start Video
  3. The BPO Handbook List
  4. Short Sale Property List
  5. Bank Property
  6. EZ BPO REO Forms
  7. 5 Steps To Fast Success
  8. The 10 Do’s And Don’ts

These 8 modules , each come with forms , video’s and great secret’s that will help you understand what has made other’s very successful.
The Best BPO REO LIst Available – 400 BPO & Bank REO Contacts Includes Direct Links To The BPO REO Vendor Applications Each Contact Is Categorized By Class Recommended Fast Start BPO REO Companies On Seperate List Includes Web Address, Phone, and Email Address Follow the link below for complete instructions: