May 18, 2024


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Florida Rental Homes

Florida Rental homes are a very big business concept in the Sunshine State. Indeed Florida rental homes are a vibrant and thriving industry in Florida.

So how does one become part of that thriving industry and be able to enjoy their house and make some money too?

First thing to do is to make contact with a licensed Florida Real Estate Broker such as our Justin Trapp who has twenty years of Florida property experience. Justin as a licensed Broker will conduct all property research on your behalf and when found a property you desire he will assist and represent you in the purchase or sale transaction from start to completion. Justin is also a member of the Orlando board of Realtors and his work on your behalf means that you are fully protected in the transaction by the Florida real estate commission.

We can not only assist you with the purchase of Florida Rental property, we can assist with marketing your property and obtaining rental on your behalf in order to make your investment give you a better return.

Rental property in Florida comes in many forms from the holiday villa with pool to the condo resort or the trendy Town homes in gated communities. We also have a wide selection of commercial rental units if that is of interest. However regarding the rental homes there are some basic points to be followed such as the price, the location, the financing and the zoning and the set up and management of the rental home.

The price of a rental home!

Well the pricing of rental property has never been as favorable for the buyer or investor. We have rental properties such as condos and town homes for sale from $40,000 and rental pool homes for sale at as little as $70,000. So in essence we have very good value in rental properties available all over the State of Florida. We expect the market to stay static for the next few years but after that it is our opinion that property prices will just go one way, up!

The location of Florida Rental Homes

The location of rental property in Florida is of paramount importance as you really need your property to be of high quality and in a good rental location such as in the Disney area of Orlando. Rental property in this area is generally short term rental zoning as you will have a transient tourist market taking rental property for a week or two weeks vacation.

The turnover in this area is high and rental rates can be very lucrative to the owner and assist with the upkeep of their property. Rental properties in coastal Florida can be zoned for longer rental periods and therefore not applicable to the tourist market. However these coastal rental properties are mostly used by the U.S. domestic market where the older or retired citizens spend the winter months. A number of these properties are also occupied in winter months by sports people such as tennis players, football players and baseball players on training camps of three or four months duration.       >>>>>>>


The Financing of Florida Rental homes:

The finance of rental homes is not really any different than with the domestic market.

There are of course exceptions in that a lot of investors in the Florida rental home market are overseas investors and are classed as Foreign Nationals (F.N). The F.N. financing is more rigid and at a higher interest rate than the domestic market bit still in the main an attractive prospect. Foreign Nationals are asked to put down higher deposits such as 30{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} of the purchase price. There are some more small differences and we would urge you to discuss these with Justin when you contact him. 

Florida Rental Homes set up and management!

We have a reliable and competent management team to set up and monitor the utilities of your rental home. We also do sporadic spot checks on the homes checking on the inventory in each house and the standard of cleaning and the maintenance.

Most of all we obtain rental for your house through our marketing and of course our new rental web site which will support our owners of Florida rental homes and source quality rental income this is at