November 30, 2023


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Florida Holiday Homes

Florida Holiday homes strikes that image in our minds of rich heavenly Florida houses with pillars at the front and large blue swimming pool at the rear that we can only dream of but never afford! Well not so, you too can have your heavenly home in Florida and I am going to tell you how you can get one and how you can afford it.

We at Florida Property direct have assisted many in accomplishing their dream and having their castle in sunny Florida.

How do we go about this? Well the first thing you do is contact our Licensed Real Estate Broker Justin Trapp and let him know what you are thinking about and if it is possible.

As a Licensed Broker Justin will give you the full run down on how easy it is to own your own Florida holiday home and how he will make it work for you.

A lot of people think that owning a Florida Holiday Homes is outside their remit only something the filthy rich can afford, not so! Now at the present time in the year of 2010   property prices in Florida are the lowest for decades. We have never seen prices like they are now and it would be a major mistake for anyone with cash or access to finance not to invest in Florida right now. The market will change in a few years and it will not start trekking down, it will go up and up! So why not take advantage now of one of the best investment opportunities since the Wall Street crash!

We have condominiums for sale for as little as $40,000 and pool homes for under $100,000 so why not own your own heavenly Florida holiday home?

Our Florida Broker will assist you free of charge in the process of sourcing the property you desire and will act as your licensed representative all the way through to closing. The Broker will research the property for you and the location and advise you on the potential rental income that can be earned from the property if required. There is a possible rental program available through our management and rental division that can promote your property to help it pay for its upkeep.

Also we have great news for would be investors who think that they do not have the financial clout to be able to purchase a Florida Holiday Homes . We have financial programs and plans available for you to avail of and consider when making purchase plans. We will give you a good faith estimate on the property you are considering buying and this will summarize all costs relating to that property including property tax etc. We will also list estimated rental income within that formula if you require so you can evaluate your property as an income earning investment concern.

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As a licensed real estate Brokerage we cover the whole State of Florida so we can source your holiday home anywhere from Tallahassee to Key West right next door to Cuba.

Some of our new Holiday homes are now coming with full furniture packs and many more incentives supplied by the builders such as they (the builders) will contribute towards the closing costs.

Please note that if you are intending to contract out your house for rental Justin advises that properties in different locations may have different rental zonings in different areas of Florida. In Orlando the resort holiday homes have nightly rental zoning so in essence short term. However in Tampa or other coastal areas the zoning my only allow you to rent out your property on a restrictive basis so check with our Broker as he will get the appropriate information for you.

So to summarize for you:

Now is a very good time to buy and invest in a Florida holiday home.

Our Broker will guide you through the sourcing and buying process free of charge.

We can organize finance to assist in the purchase if you require finance.

We can arrange rental contracts on your house that will assist with the upkeep.

We can organize property management and maintenance to keep your property well maintained.

So contact us today to fulfill your dream of a Florida holiday home.