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Fire Island Real Estate Rocks

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Are you ready to have fun? If not now, if you don’t act, how are you going to be able to have a great summer?

You may find it hard to believe, but this small stretch of land with its beautiful sandy shores is only a splash across the bay from Long Island, N.Y., and less than one hour by car or train from New York City, yet it provides the ultimate in leisure living, and fun in the sun.

Assuming that variety is the spice of life, Fire Island offers something for almost everyone in the contiguous, but distinctive beachfront communities of Ocean Beach, Seaview, Ocean Bay Park, Corneille Estates, Summer Club, Robins Rest, and Atlantique.

Running the gamut from multi million dollar luxury homes for sale to seasonal, Bi weekly, and monthly rentals, Fire Island offers the best in fine dining and entertainment, but its most endearing quality is its informality; the perfect social setting and theme for a summer of happiness and contentment

Whether you are looking for dynamic intimate nightlife, or a leisurely vacation spent with family and friends, Fire Island has it all.

First time visitors invariably feel the urge to put down roots. Summer renters often turn into homeowners as the joys of being part of this one of a kind waterfront community become obvious. In its own quiet and distinctive way, Fire Island rocks.

People keep coming back to this beautiful beachfront community on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean year after year. They have learned the secret to having wonderful summers at their home away from home.

Fire Island devotees have discovered that the most important thing is to have someone with experience and knowledge of the area help you find the best vacation home for you in this island paradise if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

The best time to find your perfect seasonal vacation rental is in February, March and April. Most weekly and bi weekly rentals take place during March –May. Of course your dream house may become available for sale at any time of the year.

Celebrate the joy of summer by visiting exclusive Fire Island, and finding the perfect summer home for you. Enjoy the boating; surfing, swimming, or just pure sun swept laid back beauty of it all.

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