September 25, 2023


Mad about real estate

Effective Pre-Listing Packages for Realtors

An effective pre-listing package can mean the difference between securing a flood of new listings or sitting at the office twiddling your thumbs waiting for new business to come to you. Prospective clients usually compare packages delivered by different agents prior to making a decision, so its imperative that your package contains everything your client is looking for and more.

Fortunately, an effective package doesn’t cost a lot of money to put together. What it does require is knowledge of the real estate market and an understanding of your client’s needs. The pre-listing package should contain information that does three things:

1: It allows you to introduce you and your company. People are more inclined to trust you if they know a little background information about you. You should include information on your credentials, past performance / track record and a marketing plan on how you will get their home sold. It is a great idea to include a short bio of all team members who will be assisting you. This will let the client know that they have more support in the real estate process.You want to keep the introduction short. Clients only need enough information to know that they can trust you and get the job done. They don’t need to know everything about you so keep it brief and to the point. This package is not about you, but about the needs of your client. Therefore, it should focus more on them and their property rather than all of your past accomplishments.

2: It educates your prospective client about the real estate process. Many clients know very little about the real estate process; so your package should include helpful information on pricing, home preparation and pertinent disclosures. You’ll be proactive, more effective, and your clients will feel much more comfortable if they understand exactly what’s going on. When you use an effective package it should answer most of the sellers questions and make them feel comfortable with your services. You’re saving valuable time in consultation and having to tell clients prepare their home to be more marketable.
Additionally, your package should provide copies of all the needed paperwork so that your clients are familiar with them before they sign. This eases the process and lets your clients know you’re thinking about their needs.

3: It allows your client to take part in the real estate process. Let your client know exactly what you need from them beforehand. This will reduce your listing presentation time and allow you to dedicate your time to more important tasks. Allowing your client to be involved in the process makes them feel like they belong. You should ask the client to have the following ready before you arrive to the appointment:

1. Two copies of the keys.
2. Necessary legal records, utility bills, loan information, etc.
3. List of all recent and past renovations to the property.
4. List of highlights of their favorite aspects of the property.

Once you have created a professional package, you will need work on your listing presentation. The package and presentation go hand in hand and are both needed to be effective. Every top real estate professional is well scripted, and this is one of the main reasons they get listings. Be confident when you give your presentations. Sellers want to know if you have the confidence to get their home sold. Also don’t come off as a salesman. People don’t buy from salespeople; they buy from friends and people they trust, so building rapport and trust with the client is key. Your pre-listing package is a marketing tool that will make the biggest impression on your client’s decision to choose you. It will make you stand out professionally and be respected as the agent who goes the extra mile for all his/her clients. Good luck and much success!