February 22, 2024


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East Texas Hunting Land

Imagine 167 acres of beautiful, wooded land; rolling hills, thick piney forests, perhaps a pond or two, a lovely spring-fed creek that provides water year round. Add a barn and a corral, and surround it with a wildlife management area in a stunning, secluded region of East Texas.

Give it income potential through timber management, and in the possibility of recreational land use (hunting leases, camping sites, etc). Now put a price tag on it of $150,000. Not per acre in total. Sound like a far-fetched dream? It’s a description of a current listing of East Texas hunting land for sale.

East Texas, the area that extends from the Red River southward to Galveston Bay, is a region of thick, piney woods and rolling hills and prairies. It is still the Texas of yesteryear, with acre upon acre of undeveloped land still available for bargain prices, as low as $1,000 an acre for undeveloped hunting land, farm land and ranch land.

As baby boomers begin to contemplate retirement and successful Gen-Xers strive to leave the rat race of the urban sprawl behind, they are increasingly turning to the wide open spaces that still exist in Texas. The large cities of Dallas, Houston and Austin have seen unparalleled growth in the last two decades, and the prices in those urban areas have risen to reflect the demand for housing land.

West Texas land is following suit, with acreage west of Dallas-Fort Worth increasing in price by nearly 15{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} between January 2006 and January 2007. By contrast, hunting land is still one of the best bargains around, but those bargains won’t last long.

Why East Texas Hunting Land?

Buying hunting land in East Texas is making an investment in beauty and serenity. The pristine beauty of nature, rolling hills and thick, piney woods, an abundance of wildlife and the sweet smell of the open air are all part of what East Texas rural hunting land has to offer the wise investor.

The investment opportunities are wide open. There is timber land and grazing land, pastures and rolling meadows, wooded hillsides riddled with hidden hunting and hiking trails. The investment opportunities run from hunting leases to water easements, from timber tracts to right of ways. East Texas is still a land that believes in opportunity, and is just one of those opportunities that comes along once in a lifetime.

You’ll find East Texas hunting land for sale at prices as low as $39,900 for a 100 acre hunting ranch. The East Texas real estate market is changing, though, and these prices are bound to start rising soon as more and more people take advantage of the natural beauty of the land.

Land Here Attracts Foreign Buyers.

Much of the land that is for sale as hunting land in East Texas was once owned by the large paper mills and timber companies. As the costs of production rose in the timber industry, these big companies started to sell off parcels of their land for other uses.

These days, the East Texas real estate market is driven by those seeking land for recreational uses like hunting, hiking and fishing. As more people are drawn to these lands, they will become more popular and prices will rise.

Another factor that may drive up prices is foreign interest. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, this is the type of land that has attracted the most foreign investors in U.S. land.

One expert states that the falling dollar values make U.S. forest land even more attractive to foreign buyers, and those foreign investors may be the best hope for those seeking to sell large tracts of East Texas hunting land. This is the time to buy. Before the investment potential of these beautiful lands attract foreign investors with the capital to purchase enormous tracts of land and force the prices up with their development and interest.

Whether you’re looking for land for personal use as a primary home or vacation retreat, or seeking a wise business investment, East Texas hunting land for sale may provide just the opportunity you want. You can get away from it all to your own hunting lodge located on beautiful, wooded acreage with trails and streams and lots of game.

If your intent is to purchase land that will work for you, you can look into hunting leases by the day, week, season or year. East Texas is a land that is ripe with investment potential. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to invest in beauty.