June 20, 2024


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Dubai Freehold Properties – Smart Way to Invest Money

Dubai’s economic growth has taken the world by storm. Despite the recent slowdown in the US economy, a skyrocketing petroleum cost and a dampening outlook across most of the world commerce, Dubai’s growth continues to baffle most media experts and industry watchers. What makes this story even creamier is the handsome dividends Dubai’s real estate has been able to offer to its investors over the last few years. Expatriates living in Dubai form roughly 80{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} of the whole population. This, coupled with a large number of tourist arrivals, makes Dubai’s real estate a cash churning machine. Be it major construction giants or individuals buyers hoping to buy luxurious villas and self-catering apartments, Dubai has been able to offer each of them with a place of right aura.

Thanks mainly due to a visionary Al Maktoum family, which came to power in 1883; Dubai’s economy has continued to grow despite of so many economic turbulences it had to go through since the World War II. Steps initiated by the Al Maktoums have made Dubai’s oil returns inconsequential in the era of globalization. The emirate’s GDP chiefly gets sourced from its free trade zones and tourism infrastructure instead. Most decisions taken by the successive rulers have been prompt and executed in a timely fashion. This made Dubai sellable and a growth-friendly area for carrying out business over the years. Global business partners, large FDIs and a highly skilled workforce have kept pouring in despite of the occasional negative clues from other economies. Recently, the government agreed to allow the outsiders to have a freehold property right. This wasn’t the scenario until now. As a result, one could buy self catering apartments, Dubai villas and other freehold properties, if they wished today.

Dubai’s growing reputation as a city of many firsts in the world of architecture has given more colors to its overall charm. From the very first seven star hotel, Burj Al Arab, to the now under construction the tallest building of the world, Burj Dubai, the city continues to house many of today’s world landmarks. As a result, tourists flock in large numbers to have a glimpse of this urban excitement each year. Summer used to be a holiday season earlier, but no more now. Year long fun, food and cultural fiestas – apart from the usual retail madness – make Dubai a place of joy and celebrations throughout the year. No need of underlining why self catering apartments, Dubai villas and similar other freehold properties could be a great investment offer in today’s scenario.

Many buy self catering apartments, Dubai villas and other freehold properties to have a place for vacationing when they may like doing it. Many others simply buy to rent them out to other holidaymakers. Rentals can be a great way for making money from this emirate. They can prove out to be a headache for those paying rents, and a great monetary reward for those receiving sums. Dubai’s rentals are among the most expensive ones in today’s times. They may give jitters to tenants, and a pleasant smile to property owners. Homes could be sold at a premium after a few years, since the real estate would continue to sore in Dubai in the years to follow. These aspects lead to many foreigners and expatriates buying freehold properties in Dubai as a way of making money. It’s a win-win option for those who know how turbulent times they were living in in a highly globalized world.