May 19, 2024


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Ditch the Newspaper: the Benefits of Online Classifieds

Ditch the Newspaper: The Benefits of Online Classifieds

Justin Mongiardo
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada

You truly can find anything you need online.  From shopping to research, the web has it all.  In fact, you can even search classified ads from anywhere in the world right from your computer.  This means you can find a job, sell a used car, adopt a pet, and even find a date without ever opening a newspaper again. 

Perhaps what people use online classifieds for most frequently is finding a job.  Employers list everything from hourly jobs to executive managerial positions.  Plus, unlike newspaper classifieds, you are not limited to searching jobs solely in your local area.  If you are willing to relocate or planning a move, you can search jobs anywhere in the world.  Additional search features make it easy to sift through the thousands of jobs available to find the one that’s perfect for you.  You can sort by experience level, salary, career field, and more.  Plus, once you find the job you want, most sites allow you to apply instantly online.  No more mailing or faxing resumes and hoping they arrive quickly.  Not sure which sites to search?  There are hundreds of options available, but the leaders are and  Other great places to look are and  Still not luck?  Specialty sites exist for industry-specific jobs, and many local papers post their regular classifieds on the web. 

Jobs are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online classifieds.  The internet is also a great place to buy and sell things.  You can list everything from old furniture to used cars to concert tickets on sites like and  Countless other sites also exist, and a simple search will reveal them all.  If you choose to list an item, you can be assured of a much broader base of potential customers than you would get from a local newspaper.  Plus, many classified sites allow you to place a listing for free. Looking to buy?  Search the listings and make contact with a seller.  Be sure you feel comfortable that the listing is legitimate before you make a purchase.  Online classifieds can be a place to get caught in a scam if you are not careful.

Finding houses or apartments is another great use for online classifieds.  All the basic classified sites, like those previously mentioned for buying and selling, also have some housing listings.  However, for a more dedicated service check out sources like Yahoo! Real Estate or  Looking to buy a home?  You may also want to check real estate company websites or  If renting is your thing, free sites are a great resource as many private landlords post there.  Other rental-specific options are and  As with job listings, you can use these sites to search houses and apartments near your current home or far away.  You can also sort by price, rooms, size, and more. 

Online classifieds for dating services are becoming increasingly popular.  The options in this area are so numerous that they could take up an entire article on their own.  Put simply, the sites you will want to search depend upon your desires.  A basic web search can help you find what you are looking for.  Some sites provide free listings.  However, many dating classifieds require members to join and pay a fee.  The benefit of using internet dating classifieds is that you get more than four lines of abbreviated text to learn about your potential date.  Many sites allow pictures and other media to be posted along with an extended profile.

Web-based classified networks can truly help you do everything your newspaper ads can and more.  You can even find ads related to pets.  Whether your dog just had puppies and you need owners, or you’re looking to adopt a new animal, the internet can help you get what you need.  Sites like and are great places to start your search.  Sites like these not only list traditional pets like cats and dogs, but also exotic animals and farm livestock.  There’s even sites to help you find a pet gone missing.  If you need such a service, and are good places to check out. 

As you can see, the internet is truly revolutionizing classified ads.  It can take hours of sifting through newspapers to locate what you can find in minutes on the web.  Plus, you can narrow your searches with specific details or expand your search too far beyond your hometown.  So, the next time you need to buy, sell, meet, or find, simply boot up your computer and hit the web.