March 3, 2024


Mad about real estate

DFW Home Selling Mistakes

  1. Some DFW home sellers are emotional for a different reason; they are upset because they can’t sell their home.   Here are some of the top selling mistakes.

Asking is Priced Too High

  • The single worst home selling mistake that a seller can make is asking too much for the home. If the home is priced too high, buyers won’t look at it.  You won’t “get lucky” and sell your home for an over inflated price.  
  • “I can list the price of my home high now.  I can always lower it later”.  This strategy will surely backfire as well.  Your house can only be a new listing once.  There is an energy, an excitement and there is interest in a new listing.  This cannot be re-created by lowering the price later.  Your competitive edge will be lost.  The bottom line is sellers who “test the market” will “pay the price”.

Home is in Bad Condition

  • Any professional DFW Realtor will tell you that getting your DFW house ready for market is more than tidying up the place.  The house must not only be spotless and fresh, the home must be in good repair and have good curb appeal.
  • Cleaning and repairing the house can boost chances of quickly selling and at a higher price. If items are broken or buyers see deferred maintenance, they wonder what else is wrong. It will cost you more, via lower sales price, to fix and prepare the house.
  • If your house is vacant you may want to consider hiring a professional home stager to make the house look and feel like a home.

Home is Marketed Wrong

  • When there is a bad photograph in the DFW MLS or only one photo a critical marketing mistake has been made.  The photos are the most important marketing tool.  If a potential buyer is scanning the internet for DFW Real Estate it is initially the photo that will grab their attention and get them to via your house information.
  • Talking about the internet; almost everyone starting their DFW Home search start their search on the internet.  Your house must have a good internet presence to have any chance of selling.  Seek real estate firms that have high rankings on search engines so that more people will see your house for sale.

Hiring an Inexperienced Agent

  • Hiring a good mediocre listing agent certainly will not help sell your home but it will cost about the same as hiring an excellent agent.  Hire an agent that has experience in your area.  They know more about and have more contacts in your area.
  • If you want full-service, then hire a full service agent. If you are fairly confident your home will sell without a full-service agent, then talk to a discount or flat fee broker.  .
  • Carefully read your listing agreement and make sure the agent who brings a buyer is compensated fairly because one surefire way to make sure an agent won’t show your home is to offer a low commission percentage.