May 29, 2024


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Determine Accurate Property Lines with Land & Property Surveys

Land surveying is a critical component in design and construction in almost every aspect of real estate development. As the first step in real estate development process, it is the job of a Land Surveyor to collect all the information pertaining to an area. This includes marking the boundaries of land, creating maps and legal descriptions, and planning and organizing the development of the property. A surveyor creates a stable foundation of useful information on which people can build their homes and communities.

On the residential side, land surveyors are typically hired when buying or selling properties, or making home improvements such as adding a fence, improving landscaping, adding a pool or more square footage to a property.   Commercially, land surveyors are utilized for subdivision requests, and mortgage financing.  When looking to start a build, improve an existing build or refinance a property a land surveyor should be one of your first hires.

There are some highly proficient Land Surveyors in Los Angeles, California who offer a wide range of surveying services.  Before contacting one, it is important to understand the types of surveying services that are available, so when you make a surveyor inquiry you know what to ask for.  The following are commonly requested surveying services:

Aerial Topographic Surveys: Very large properties or those with rugged/rough terrain may require an aerial survey to map the topography. Some cities require maps to show an entire area’s topography, even beyond property lines, in order to determine buildable area, environmental impact, and building setbacks.

  • A.L.T.A. (American Land & Title Association) Survey: When refinancing or purchasing properties valued in excess of $1,000,000, title companies will require individuals to purchase title insurance. The purpose of an ALTA survey is to inform the buyer of what they are getting, and the insurer of what they are insuring. The survey maps created by professional land surveyors conform to the ALTA standards, showing the property lines, visible utilities, buildings, and features such as driveways, pools or play courts
  • Architectural Surveys: When planning for improvements to a property such as a building remodel or addition, adding a swimming pool, a new patio or landscaping, an architectural survey is often necessary to obtain proper permits. An architectural survey will show property lines, all visible utilities, buildings, walls and fences, hardscape and landscape.
  • Boundary Surveys: The oldest of survey services, the boundary survey is a tool used to set out property lines for new construction or to settle property line disputes on existing properties.  The boundary survey will show the beginning and ending points of the property.  Specifically, the survey will show buildings, walls, fences, utilities and all other significant features within five feet of the property lines.
  • Land Easement: An easement allows the property owner to grant the right to use a portion of land without assuming liability for that portion and without giving up ownership. An easement can be granted for landscaping, ingress and egress, or any other purpose that suits the parties involved. The surveyor provides a legal description of the purpose and location of the easement, along with its drawing.

Apart from all this, California Land Surveyors also cover other aspects of surveying like Prevailing Setback, Property Line Adjustment, Record of Survey, Roof Height Certification, Roof Plan, Slope Analysis, Staking etc.

Working with a professional land surveyor will provide you with informative information that will help you make important decisions on your construction or financial project.

When you starting any project related to real estate, make sure you seek out the professional opinion of a state licensed land surveyor.