April 13, 2024


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Designing a Realtor's Website

A real estate agent looks for the best real estate web design company to improve back office efficiency, by automating functions, allowing more time for selling homes in the market.

Agents and brokers want to find a real estate web design company to optimize their home selling efforts. This is done by putting the agent out in the field spending more time selling homes and leaving the back office work to the website. Years ago, agents were responsible for introducing customers to the efforts involved in buying a home. That is no longer the case. Today’s home-buying customers will start their search for a property online. The first step is evaluating their financials through a prequalified loan process to determine a loan amount and using a mortgage calculator to determine a monthly budget. All of this is done without meeting with the real estate agent. The home buying customers conduct this analysis by using the resources found on a real estate agent’s website.

When a realtor wants to find a real estate web design company, they want to save as much as possible on back office work. This includes the management of clients that have approached the agency but not entered into an agreement. These clients are valuable if they are managed appropriately.

A client that approaches an agency may conduct business later down the road. By maintaining an accurate customer relations manager database, the routine contact can be made with those clients. An email drip marketing system can make contact to members of a contact list based on preferences. This form of communication is automatic and eliminates the costly process of having a person do it manually in an office. This allows for a smaller size operation that increases the home selling efforts out in the field.

The reason why realtors want to find real estate web design company is to make things simple for clients. The home buying customer can be overwhelmed with the complexities of finances such as the variety of mortgages that are available. The application process alone can be overwhelming. A narrated tutorial shown online in video form can be created once and used multiple times to educate the home buying customer. This presentation gives a consistent message and the quality can be pushed to the highest during the one time the video is created. For many reasons and purposes, videos have been used as a form of education. Realtors can take advantage of this to educate the customer about the real estate agency and how that agency can help the customer buy their home.

Realtors want to find a real estate web design company that knows how to use multimedia that is attractive to home buying customers. A single picture with a description will not be enough to entice a customer when so many other opportunities are available. A more robust multimedia presentation is necessary. If interested in a piece of property, a home-buying customer will also be interested in a narrated video that shows an agent walking through a property describing the benefits of all of the features shown. A realtor can spend time on making one good video that can be seen multiple times and can serve as an online open house that does not need to be scheduled. This is an example of how a real estate web design company can save time and money for a real estate agent.

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