April 18, 2024


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Dealing With Natural Disasters at Home

Every area of the world has some likelihood of a natural disaster occurring. If you reside in the United States, you perhaps know residents on the East Coast and in the South worry about hurricanes, while those in the Midwest are more concerned with the possibility of tornadoes. Residents of the Southwest have to be prepared for harsh monsoons and possible desert droughts, while those on the West Coast prepare for earthquakes and mudslides. Plainly put, regardless of where you reside, you need to be prepared at home for a natural disaster.

The first thing that you need to contemplate is what exactly you are likely to experience in your area of the country. In other words, residents of Utah don’t need life vests for hurricanes, just like homes in Arizona don’t have a basements or storm shelters simply because they aren’t as needed in that area of the country. Find out the history of your area. You need to know what types of natural disasters are most likely to occur. Once you have a general idea, you can go to the American Red Cross website to get specific information on how to get ready for a natural disaster in your region.

Stockpiling a supply of water is one of the things that every household needs to do, simply because people cannot survive long without a supply of fresh water. Store at least six gallons of water per family member. This will give a week’s supply of consumable water. When you store the water, only put it into new containers or those that have only been used for food or water in the past. Place your water in a cool, dry spot in your home.

Groceries are another essential in a crisis. Make sure you have plenty of non-perishable items, such as canned or packaged food, along with handheld can openers. If you stockpile items that must be cooked, make sure they can be prepared easily on a barbeque. Do not store food on the floor because it might become tainted or spoiled from insects and moisture. Don’t forget to pack pet food and any baby food that you may need.

A good way to get ready for whatever comes is to put together an emergency kit and store it in a large duffle bag or several backpacks. The first item that is recommended is a first-aid kit. These kits should have latex gloves, burn ointments, pain relievers, tweezers, eye wash, gauze, antibiotic ointment any prescriptions that you may need, as well as an assortment of adhesive bandages. Also store in your emergency kit a flashlight, extra batteries, a radio (battery operated), scissors, and at least one set of clothes for everyone in the family. Place this collection in a specific location and tell each family member where it is.

Talk to everyone in your family about what should happen in case of a natural disaster. Just like your child’s school will practice a tornado, fire, or earthquake drill depending on where you live, your family should have a plan ahead of time as well. Children do better in an emergency situation if they have a routine or have been told what to do in case of an emergency. Make sure everyone knows what to do if there is a natural disaster, and what items they should bring. In events such as these, it is always better to prepare as much as possible before they happen.

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