May 25, 2024


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Custom Home Builder Profile: Apono Estate Homes – Austin Texas

Have the Dream Home of Your Favorite Star with Austin Home Builders

So you’re a movie buff. Or better yet, an avid fan. You’ve followed the tales of your favorite star and wished that you could experience their luxurious life even just for a day. Well, you don’t need to party all night to experience the life of stars; everyday of your life, live the life of your favorite star! You can have your house built just like theirs, your dream home at a reasonable price, with the help of Apono Estate Homes.

Can they copy the dining room of Julia Roberts?

Yes they can.

Apono Estate Homes in Wynona Avenue, Austin, Texas is a custom home builder that can assist you if you are looking for the builder of your dream house. This is their expertise – customization to ensure customer satisfaction.

This builder has more than 25 years of track record in home-building, and that track record goes with a full complement of building professionals behind it. Apono’s expert team of architects and designers, craftsmen and contractors, will be there to make sure that your home is built to standards and will fit your specifications.

How can they do that?

Competence is the key.

The Apono Estate Homes team is headed by its equally competent president Robert Green whose experience is as diverse as the custom homes that he builds. His more than 20 years of well-rounded experience covers real estate, construction, management, and consulting. He has a bachelor’s degree in engineering and a business master’s degree, a great combination for a builder who needs to balance your finances with your construction specifications. Robert is ably assisted by David Bishop, his construction manager who also has a comparable track record in construction.

If you are the meticulous home owner with a penchant for made-to-order customizations, Apono Estate Homes is the builder for you. From the time you envision your dream house, to the design process, the estimation, the planning, the procurement, and on to the actual construction, you are made a part of the process so that you practically have a hands-on experience.

The personal touch, the attention to your specifications, the methodical construction and attention to detail – all these make Apono Estate Homes the ideal home builder for the discriminating you. Add to that, their network and associations in the industry, including the Home Builders Association and the Custom Builders Council, add to the assurance of their professionalism and expertise in their craft.

Now, build that luxurious home!

What are you waiting for? Contact home builders in Texas, now! With the reasonable prices of properties in Austin and add to that the great living environment of this capital of Texas, you can live the life of stars less the blinding lights, noise and crime rates of other cities and states.