October 4, 2023


Mad about real estate

Create the Right Impression With a Home Stager

The answer to grabbing an edge in a tough real estate market is to find a home staging professional. Homes that are professionally staged usually command a higher selling price and sell in a shorter period than homes that are not professionally staged.

Home stagers are at your service to assist you in displaying your home in such a way that buyers will remember it out of a group of many that they have viewed. This is not about redesigning your entire home. This is about adding a few touches to each room and bringing out their best qualities while diverting attention from the imperfections.

When a potential buyer goes through your home, they may require some help envisioning how to make the most out the space provided. By adding a few small accents, a professional home stager can change the look and feel of an entire room. A home stager is not there to clean or do minor home repairs; they are there to add some smart finishing touches that will make buyers want to buy your house.

Hiring a home stager does not mean that you do not know to decorate. However, it does give a person with an unbiased and critical eye the opportunity to honestly make an assessment and to determine what would be the best way to present your house on the open market. You see your house every day and your friends may want to try and save your feelings, but a home stager brings a fresh, new perspective to the table.

Once you find home stager professionals you can expect your home to be scoured over with a critical eye. Some of your furniture and nick knacks may very well be stored while your house is on the market. This is because the home stager is going to want to paint a selling picture versus a living picture of your home.

Adding some pillows, a mirror or some strategically placed linens can completely change the mood of a room. There are very few houses out on the market that do not have any flaws or could not use a few decorative touches here or there.

Remember that you are looking to find a home staging professional – not just someone who is into home decor as a hobby. You want to ensure that the professional home stager has the appropriate certifications and is indeed a professional. Ask for and check references from previous jobs before you decide on the home stager for you.

The cost of a home stager will be determined by the local demand in your area, the size and number of rooms that need to be staged and the overall reputation of the home stager’s business. On the higher end of the scale, you can expect to pay about $5000; the lower end of the scale can be from $500 to $1000.

Remove some of the stress of having to wonder why your home is not moving on the market and find home staging professionals to do the worrying for you. You will find that the investment will be returned in the selling price.