July 13, 2024


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Craigslist Listings Enhance Property for Sale Process

If you thought putting a property for sale is a big pain especially because it involves lot of work then here is an easy way out for you and that is listing the property on Craigslist. No matter where you are and whether you have a real estate license or not you can use Craigslist to put your property for sale.

However there are a few things you need to do before putting the property for sale on Craigslist. To begin with you need to prepare the home for sale. This involves a few steps like clean the yard, free the house of all personal belongings, make sure your important papers are not left just like that in a drawer or on the table, Check the bathroom, toilet and kitchen to see if any part of them needs repair. Lastly look at the walls if they are still lively then there is nothing you need to do but if they are deteriorating then you need to think of painting them.

Preparing the house might require you to incur some expenses but do not be hesitant to spend the money because a well decorated and furnished home will of course sell for a much better price. Second thing you need to do is find the price of the property for sale. For this you can visit the local office or check in your neighbors. Another way to find the price of the property is that you can contact some real estate agents and let them know you wish to put your home for sale and ask them the expected value.

After completing both these steps of preparing the property for sale and finding out its estimated price you can proceed further. To list your home for sale you will need some attractive pictures of your property. Get your camera out and take some really good images of your house of course leave corners of your house which are not all that appealing. If you do not stay in the same area as your house is then ask some friend of yours to take the images for you and send it through email.

With images on hand now you are all prepared to list your property for sale on Craigslist. While listing, remember the thumb rule of listing and that is that what sounds and looks attractive attracts more buyers. Prepare a very eye catchy title for your property. The title should highlight the best feature of your property. Add all the beautiful photos and include some details about the property in the content of the listing. Keep updating the ad every two days just to ensure that it does not get lost under a pile of other listings.

Within a couple of days you will start receiving calls from potential buyers. Some would like to come and see the property while some would take the enquiry on phone. Just answer all their queries perfectly and wait for some more days. There are chances that even real estate agents would contact you. Do not ignore them straight away but try to negotiate the rate of commission. This will a double bonanza for you one is the property will sell fast and all the hard work will be done by the agent.