June 24, 2024


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Confused Between Short Term Rentals VS Long Term Rentals In Dubai (No More Now)

Dubai is a dream city which offers all kind so f life amenities to all its citizens as per their budget. When it comes to accommodation dubai real estate market offers options for all types of people whether they are expats, professionals or tourists. For expats, long term rental is a good option as they have left their countries to settle in a new country. For expats, long term tenancy contracts are the best option in which they have to pay annually. Expats either choose this option or buy their own property. 

Professional people tend to choose short term rental in which they either pay every month or after every 3 months. As a salaried person, this is the most suitable option, this will give them the window to save money and once they think they have enough money they will either go for long term rental or but their own homes. For the tourist, short term rental like holiday homes dubai option is best as tourists are only visiting the country for a small period of time. They can rent the apartment or villa and spend time with family members once they are in dubai. 

My Take On Long-Term VS Short-Term Rentals

A few of us like to prepare and settle on educated choices about our long term decisions while a few of us live on spur of the moment purchases and unconstrained choices. It’s in this manner just normal that Dubai has distinguished the need to take into account these differed interests with regards to renting properties in Dubai. 

Short Term Rentals in Dubai 

Short Term rentals in Dubai are properties rented for short duration of time, offering, week after week and month to month alternatives for lease installments. These are to a great extent for visitors and business expert visiting the city, searching for an unattractive spot to remain in after their bustling long stretches of touring or working. Full Furnished apartments, holiday homes and lodging condos in Dubai are generally accessible for rent on a short term. According to various, properties management companies in dubai, short term rentals Dubai have now become one of the most used rental types because of the increasing numbers of tourists and professionals who are coming to dubai. 

They normally incorporate service charges, cleaning charges and parking spots. This makes it perfect for the previously mentioned populace, who are not in the city long enough to make a long haul duty yet need the solace of a home. These properties are anyway unquestionably more costly than long term rentals, and rents are liable to successive changes. Renting short term in Dubai is additionally supported by those searching for an alternative to paying lease month to month, as the underlying expenses for long term rentals are fundamentally higher, particularly if proprietors request a solitary lease check. 


  • Manages occupants the adaptability of moving from one spot to the next 
  • No overhead expenses 
  • Prepared to move in, furniture and fittings effectively dealt with 


  • Absence of Stability 
  • Greater expenses 
  • Restricted choices 


Long term rentals are useful for those searching for strength 

Long term rentals in Dubai are generally empty, so you can customize the space as indicated by your preferences 

Long term rentals in Dubai are typically properties leased for a more drawn out timeframe, more often than not on a yearly premise. They accompany a yearly tenure contract perceived by RERA, offering a steady home for you to live in with rents secured for the year. These are typically empty and you need to pay for all utilities independently. With long term rentals in Dubai, there are some overhead expenses to likewise consider, including security stores, organization charges and outfitting costs. 

Rents are paid as post-dated keeps an eye on a quarterly, semiannual or yearly premise, and in the event that you default on your agreement, you need to pay every single extraordinary sum, constraining your adaptability to move homes much of the time. 


  • Rents secured for a year 
  • Security in term of your living courses of action and money related yield for the year 
  • An individual space for you to tweak 


  • No Flexibility 
  • Overhead expenses are high 
  • Most long term rentals in Dubai are not prepared to move in and will require speculation from you for furniture 


Numerous lease checks in Dubai 

The measure of rent you are paying in Dubai will rely upon the sort of agreement you sign 

The general practice in Dubai with regards to long term rentals for manors and condos in Dubai has been to pay on a yearly premise, with a solitary lease check gave to the endless supply of the agreement. This is anyway a long way from the standard for the huge expat populace in the city. English expats, for example, are accustomed to paying rent on a month to month premise and are regularly overpowered by the enormous sums they have to focus on when searching for properties to lease in Dubai. This has brought about a significant number of individuals seeing short term rentals in Dubai, essentially to keep away from the colossal starting speculations for renting a loft in Dubai.

Final Thoughts

Dubai offers endless opportunities in every walk of life. Professionals and expats are coming with a big hope to settle here. Similarly, a tourist came here to enjoy the dubai luxurious lifestyle and party culture. Real Estate companies in dubai reported, Even dubai real estate market is a bit down but still, the number of properties that people are buying or renting is increasing. Even in a difficult time, dubai economy is still progressing at a decent pace. As per your requirement and budget choose either long term or short term rental. Both have their own advantages and can suit people belong to different class status.