April 14, 2024


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Condos Vs. Houses

There are many types of Philippines properties for sale today, and some of which are residential real estates. Some of the most popular ones are houses and condominiums. Houses are considered as the basic type of residential real estate in the Philippines while condominiums have only been recently introduced yet became rapidly became popular. So which one is the best? Buying a house or a condominium?

In terms of cost-efficiency
In terms of cost-efficiency, many have found out that condominiums are much more cost-efficient. Unlike in the past in which condominiums are known for its expensiveness, and that only the wealthy can afford to buy one, condominiums of today have become more affordable due to its significant drop in price.

It became efficient because most of these condominiums are found near major business districts which allows them to avoid the usual rush hour. Houses sold near these areas are usually very expensive yet not as luxurious than condominiums.

In terms of location
Another popular advantage of condominiums from houses is its location. Condominiums, as I’ve said, are mostly found near or within major business districts and commercial areas which allows them to be within close proximity with with workplace. However, there are certain condominiums found in provincial areas that allows its residents to enjoy peace and relaxation away from the bustling city. These types of residential Philippines properties for sale are usually very popular among those that wanted to go away from the city.

In terms of family
In terms of family, however, houses are more family-oriented. Condominiums found in these major business districts are usually not appropriate for a growing family of 4 or more. Some of these condominiums doesn’t also allow children. However, condominiums found in provinces are more family-oriented, but not accommodate extended families.

In terms of monthly bills
Another advantage of houses over condominiums is that condominiums are known for its monthly bills aside from the usual electric and water bills. Condominium residents are usually obligated to pay a monthly fee which is normally used for the maintenance of all areas in a condominium compound and building. This is also used for its security.

In terms of maintainability and security
In terms of maintainability and security, condominiums are considered as the best choice. Unlike owning a house which all the maintenance are handled by its owner, condominiums usually have their own maintenance personnel that keeps everything in order. Condominiums are also known for their high security, particularly in condominium complexes. These are the reasons why condominiums are one of the most popular Philippines properties for sale today.
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