December 10, 2023


Mad about real estate

Condos in Summerville, SC

Considering buying a condo in Summerville, South Carolina?  I would recommend staying under $175K because most buyers looking in the Summerville area would rather have a house than a condo.  Because real estate is so affordable, most buyers prefer to pay a little more and get a house for the privacy and space. 

Buyers looking in more expensive Charleston markets like Mt. Pleasant and James Island often choose condos and townhouses because that is simply all they can afford.  In those areas, you can’t really get a house in a good neighborhood for under $225K, so a lot of people buy townhouses and condos.  And, resale is quite good for condos and townhouses up to $300K in those areas.

However, in Summerville the market for condos is considerably different because buyers choose affordable condos (most sales are under $150K).  In short, you don’t want to buy a condo priced at the top of the market and then have other condo values bring down your investment.  I have included below some of the most popular condo communities in Summerville. 

Grand Oaks Preserve has more of a townhouse setup with 2 stories, but they are technically condos.  These were built in 2007, and almost all of these have attached garages.  Grand Oaks Preserve has some of the most affordable newer condos in Summerville, with prices starting under $120K.  You will find a large selection in this neighborhood because a lot of these are for sale right now.

Midland Terrace has condos that were mostly built around 2001, so it is relatively new.  Midland Terrace has a traditional condo setup, and it is very comparable to The Peninsula on James Island.  These are considered luxury condos, and you will find a nice pool area with amenities.  The buildings are 3 stories, and it is possible to find ground floor units here.

The Highlands is a subsection of Legend Oaks Plantation.  These condominiums are comparable to the Dunes West condos in Mt. Pleasant.  Some of these overlook the golf course.  The Highland has great amenities including a pool and tennis courts.  Legend Oaks Plantation is one of the largest and most popular neighborhoods in Summerville.  It has houses, townhouses, and condos.  So, if you bought a condo in here, you would be buying at the bottom of this community – meaning that almost all of the other homes would be nicer and more expensive than yours.  In other words, you could live in a community where the highest priced homes are in the $400s.

The Pines at Charleston Park has some of the newest condos for sale in Summerville right now.  Many of these units have garages.  These are technically condos, but they have a townhouse setup with 2 stories.  A lot of these are still being built, so it is possible to get a unit that is still under construction.

Villas at Charleston Park has all 1 story condos.  These are all ground level, too, so there are no stairs that are typically associated with condo buildings.  So, if you’re looking for a first floor condo in Summerville, Villas at Charleston Park would be an ideal place to start your home search.  Most of these units have an attached 2 car garage, too.