July 13, 2024


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Condominiums In The Philippines, Its Advantages And Disadvantages

There are a lot of popular philippine homes for sale in the market today, and these types doesn’t only include the single-family detached types. Popular houses for sale in the Philippines today includes townhouses and condominiums. However, though townhouses are just as popular as a house, condominiums have recently grew more popular in the market.

Condominiums, according to many experts, have only been recently introduced in the Philippines compared to apartments and townhouses. However, condominiums quickly gained popularity in the market because of its luxurious lifestyle as well as its benefits.

Learning more about condominiums
Condominiums are the same type of residential real estate with apartments, in which condominiums are also a type of multi-unit dwelling. The difference, however, is that condominiums are more permanent than apartments, in which condominiums are bought and owned while apartments are rented or leased to tenants.

Although similar to owning a house, condominiums are more similar with townhouses, in which occupants own their units while the rest of the building or complex such as hallways, elevators, and recreational areas, are jointly owned by all the owners.

The reason why condominiums rapidly became popular is because of its benefits. Other than its luxurious lifestyle, condominiums are also known to provide other luxuries such as the luxury of living near major business districts and commercial areas. Compared with other types of philippine homes, condominiums were mostly known for its location, which is near or inside these cities, such as in Makati City or in Ortigas Pasig City.

However, other than its location, most condominiums today became popular because of its affordability. Compared in the past in which condominiums are known for their expensive lifestyle, condominiums of today became more affordable. This is due to the rapid increase of condominiums in the market which in turn led a number of condominiums to drop their prices to compete in the market, some have even said that some condominiums became more affordable than most philippine homes for sale. This allowed not only the wealthy to enjoy its luxuries, but also the middle class of the Philppines.

New types of condominiums
Other than the condominiums found in the city, a number of new condominiums were founded in the Philippines which is known for their luxuries not commonly found in most condominiums. These new types are known as condominium complexes. Compared to city condos, condominium complexes are known for their quite locations such as in the outskirts or even in provincial areas. The reason why these types became popular is because of its amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and recreational areas.
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