May 20, 2024


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Colorado Springs Apartments – Living the High Life in Colorado Springs

For some people, now might be the perfect time to rent an apartment in Colorado Springs. While the real estate market struggles to revive, renting an apartment provides potential buyers with the time necessary to save capital, improve credit and secure employment. If you are planning to relocate to Colorado Springs, it’s a good time to rent. When the real estate market flattens out, you’ll be ready to buy.

In the meantime, here’s some information about life in Colorado Springs.

Living in the Colorado Springs area or in many of the surrounding cities, us “locals” are used to living at an snow-covered-mountainside-rockies-banff-uid-10463361altitude. In fact most of the time we completely forget about it. But tourist season is just around the corner; and many of us have friends and family that came visit us during the summer time. Also, it’s starting to be the time of the year that many people think about relocating to the area. Consequently I felt it may be a good time for a refresher course on the affects of high altitude.

Colorado Springs is considered one of the “highest” cities in the United States – an altitude of 6035 above sea level , 755 feet above Colorado’s “Mile High City”, Denver.

And some recent awards:

1. #1 by Money Magazine for best big city in the nation to work and live – Money Magazine August 2006city-view-15-percent.jpg
2. #1 by Forbes for most Pet Friendly city – 2007
3. #1 Winner of DogTown USA, most dog-friendly city – 2008
4. #2 in population for percentage of veterans #3 by Forbes for best, fastest, growing, most business friendly metro
5. #3 by MSNBC for best places to live in U.S.
6. #4 by Frommer’s for best cities ranked and rated April 2007
7. #4 Smartest City by
8. #5 by Kiplinger’s in “Best Cities to Live, Work and Play”
9. #6 among top cities in the country for home ownership
10. #6 by Men’s Health for fittest cities #9 by Best City to Raise a family by Best Life Magazine
11. #10 by MSN Real Estate for cities with top values for retirees
12. #11 by U.S. Census Bureau for Americans techiest city
13. #11 by Worldwide ERC Best Place to Relocate
14. #13 by Forbes for best places for businesses and careers
15. #14 by Runner’s World for the best runner’s city in America
16. #16 by AMPA & Prevention magazine as the best in the US for walking – 2006
17. #16 in newspaper readers #19 in most literate cities