June 18, 2024


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Cochrane, Alberta Real Estate

Spread over a little more than 30 sq. km., Cochrane happens to be one of the largest townships in the province of Alberta, in Canada. Located at the base of the Big Hill in the Bow Valley River, adjacent to the Ghost Lake, and being bordered by the breath-taking Rocky Mountains on one side, the town of Cochrane has a western (or ranch-style) feel to it. Although cold temperatures and frequent snowfall dominate for the most part of the year, this town has a beautiful natural surrounding, and it is also well known for golf, paragliding/skydiving, hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain-biking and various other forms of adventure sports.

More and more people from the province of Alberta are shifting into Cochrane as the town gives them an opportunity to be removed from the fast paced city life and at the same time be reasonably close to a city, in case there is need for daily commuting. Calgary, being about 23 miles to the northwest, is the closest city. Cochrane is well connected to other parts of Alberta through the National Highways 1A and 22, respectively. Another major attraction for people to move into this town is the fact that this is one of the few communities in Canada where business tax is exempted and hence Cochrane Real Estate is a successful industry.

Cochrane, Alberta Real Estate offers a wide variety of homes for the single or the multi-family. A prospective client could choose from a new homes, compact apartments, town homes, and condos among various other options. These may be bought or rented. Since the town has a western-cowboy theme to it, many people fancy living in a ranch or a farm house or bungalow that has been designed into a ranch home. Cochrane, Alberta Real Estate, provides such residences in single, bi-level or split level storeys. Cochrane Real Estate not only gives you the opportunity to buy a new home for dwelling purposes but also to buy land as an excellent means for investment. Houses for sale in Cochrane may be purchased with in-built furnishing, or clients may even hire builders and designers to attain their custom made dream homes.

Cochrane Real Estate also gives you a wholesome and varied range of amenities that you may wish for in your home, such as, driveways, parking pads, porticos, single/double attached/detached garages, multiple garages, underground parking, full or part basements, decks and much more. Homes for sale in Cochrane, Alberta, also come with added utilities such as fenced yards, whirlpool baths, upgraded bathrooms and kitchens, multi-fire place units, and central air conditioning (both hot and cold), heated swimming pools or Jacuzzis, to name a few. These may be found in the upscale homes of Cochrane.

Some of the popular areas of Cochrane residency are River Avenue, River Heights Drive, Sunset Ridge, George Fox Trail, Sunterra Ridge Place, and Bow Ridge Cr.Hence Cochrane being the hub of Alberta’s adventure sports and a Westerner’s delight, makes for happy, charming, quiet, yet exciting living.