May 18, 2024


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Choosing The Right Post Box Or Mailbox To Secure Your Post And Identity

Whether you own a residential property, or a block of apartments or hotel, it is essential to find the right post box or mailbox to suit your needs.  Regardless or whether it is your mail, or you are supplying a post box for other peoples use, security of the mail itself and access are paramount.

A lot depends on the setup of your residential property. For some, a smaller letterbox, fitted within the front door or property wall will suffice. For others,  a post box away from the main residential property is more suitable. In this case, you need to feel assured that your mail is secure.

This is where having a well manufactured, steel or stainless steel post box will provide that additional peace of mind.

There are many types of post boxes available for purchase, the latest craze being US or American style post boxes. These are ideal for virtually any use as they can be wall mounted, fixed to an external gate or mounted on a post. These are more elegant that your average post or mail box.

For commercial property, whether it be a development of apartments, a hotel or workplace, where more than one post box is required, there are multiple occupancy post boxes available as well as high occupancy post boxes.

Total Locks provides residential post boxes and mail boxes to suit virtually any need or budget, with the security of the mail itself at the forefront of our mind. All of our products are easy to install too, meaning that anybody can purchase and assemble their new mail box in no time at all.