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Cheapest States For Families To Live, Ranked

The cost of living index will depend on the state in America you’re in, as well as the rest of the world. This index is based on the major things that any family needs to live comfortably. The main things to keep in mind are: income, housing, food, medical care, transport costs, and many other personal necessities. Your cost of living will also depend on whether you are living in an urban or rural area.

Some states are better for retirees while others are ideal for families. If you and your spouse are both working and have at least two kids, here are some of the states that are ideal for you.

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10 West Virginia

West Virginia has amazing mountain ranges, bluegrass genres, and a small-town feeling for anyone living or visiting there. Average hourly wages are around 11 dollars, child care lower than 7,000 dollars, and housing at less than 9,000 dollars.

This is the ideal state to live in if you work remotely. This is because most employers here seem to favor a local workforce as compared to outsiders. Life here is relatively slow but you will be able to enjoy all the natural beauty surrounding you.

9 Georgia

Despite its high cost of utilities, Georgia is still ranked as the ninth cheapest state to live in for families. It has an average household income of around 57,000 dollars. An average home will cost you less than 190,000 dollars.

The average rent for a one or two-bedroom apartment is much lower than most states in America. The price of fuel and household groceries is also relatively lower than in other states.

8 Michigan

Popularly known as the great lakes state, Michigan has low-cost housing averaging at 275,000 dollars. Being that it is the home of US auto manufacturing, fuel prices are relatively lower than other states.

The cost of health care is reasonable and is ideal for starting a business. If you are looking for a job in the high-tech industry this is your ideal place. Because of this, the economy is budding for prospective businessmen, employers, and employees.

7 Alabama

The average yearly wage for an Alabama resident stands at approximately 60,000 dollars. This is lower than the household income in other states but it makes up for it in other ways.

For instance, an average two-bedroom apartment will cost you less than 700 dollars while the cost of a home is around 130,000 dollars. The main problem with living in Alabama is that it has high taxes as well as high costs of health-care.

6 Kansas

Also known as the sunflower state, living in Kansas gives you room to grow and bloom. An average home here will cost you around 315,000 dollars, while a gallon of milk is less than two dollars, steak at 11 dollars, and energy costs at approximately 180 dollars. Medical costs are also low with a normal visit to a dentist costing you less than 100 dollars.

5 Tennessee

The average household wage for someone living in Tennessee is around 51,000 dollars. This is relatively high compared to other states with low costs of living. Studies have shown that the cost of living in some cities in Tennessee like Morristown is 13 percent lower than in other American cities.

Despite this, utility costs in the state are a bit high compared to the national average. However, Tennessee has no state income tax and low cost of household foods.

4 Wyoming

Here in the cowboy state, you may feel more comfortable more at ease on the range than a place indoors. In comparison to the cost of rent in Seattle, a two-bedroom apartment in Wyoming will cost you about 900 dollars.

Buying a house is also relatively cheap with a mortgage on an average home ranging around 1,000 dollars a month. This is approximately a third of the rate you may get in New York or other states with high costs of living.

3 Ohio

According to some reports, the state of Ohio is the second cheapest state for families in terms of housing. The cost of rent and mortgage is very low. If you live in Ohio’s area of Cincinnati you will find that less than 30 percent of your income will go towards your living expenses.

2 Indiana

The state of Indiana has low-cost homes averaging at 270,000 dollars a year. The cost of food is also fairly affordable. Basic food items like groceries are much cheaper than in other states. For instance, lettuce is slightly more than a dollar while ground beef and coffee cost less than five dollars each.

1 Mississippi

This state may not seem as glamorous as others are but has its advantages in terms of average wages, housing tax, and child care. Average hourly wages are ten dollars, housing at less than 9,000 dollars, child care at around 4,000 dollars, and yearly tax at approximately 56,000 dollars.

The state also hosts over 50 universities and colleges. Its sense of community is vibrant all over the state. Its major drawback is traffic and smog but you will get used to that after living there for a while.

If you have the advantage of working remotely you can explore your choices of where to live based on what you desire in terms of quality of life or social benefits.

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