June 18, 2024


Mad about real estate

Cheap Home Sales This Year Predicted Up 20 Percent

Businesses operating properties in Kansas predict home sales footprint for Low-Income Communities this year will grow by 20 percent. The reason, the housing needs of the segment is still at large.

Kansas City residential real estate Chairman said, businesses increasingly enthusiastic after seeing the seriousness of the government through a number of agreements with a number of parties and related industries MBR.

“This year FLPP can move faster. A contract has also been going on since the beginning of the year. In contrast to last year’s slower, just started in the third month. So hope to start early achievements was also better than in 2016.

According to him, compared to 2016 the overall performance of the property sector in 2017 is predicted to be over stretched. Moreover, last year the sector affected by the condition tends to stagnate because of the economy. Though he acknowledges, property agents could expect much when a number of government policies.

Initially, business people expect housing tax amnesty and a number of other policies which support the move took sales. In fact, the program takes time, repatriation of funds into the banking also recently at the end of the year.

“In the first half, we hope that the repatriation of funds have started to go down so that it can push,” he said.

Even so, he needs to be realistic and assume all the segments have not grown. Segment performance is expected to shine most is the medium or equivalent dwelling for less than Rp 600 million.

The condition can not be separated from the condition of people’s purchasing power is still affected by economic conditions earlier. Plus refers to the state in 2016, occupancy for the middle segment experienced a significant decline.

Meanwhile, as many as 2,500 Civil Servants in Kansas is known not yet have occupancy. To that end, the local government claimed to have set aside 100 hectares for the construction of housing for people who have not received such a decent occupancy.

Kansas government said, some time ago, the Ministry of Public Works and Housing People have to see him and ask for were provided land for housing development. The central government’s own view, the high level of the backlog has been the reason for the planned residential development for the widest range.