April 15, 2024


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Cheap Florida Homes

Cheap Florida homes might make one a little skeptical in today’s market, However not the case when you look at things closer.

The reason why Florida homes are cheap is to do with the competition in the market place and of course the after effects of the so called boom where properties were built on speculation rather than cold economic sense.

Remember the old saying- “one door closes and another one opens” This applies in the Florida property market now and results in cheap Florida homes being available for those who recognize the “open door” and can take advantage of the market now before it changes.

Yes there may be risks out there but that is why you appoint us to source your property for you. Our licensed Real Estate Broker is ready to represent you and guide you through the purchase process free of charge and make sure that all risks are nullified.

So where are these cheap Florida properties? In the Everglades? No not at all, as a mater of fact they are all over the State of Florida and in top class locations.

Remember the developers in the boom years were good at one thing and that was at getting zoning in good locations! O.K. they could not complete the process so now the properties are available for bargain hunters.

What sort of cheap Florida homes have you?

Well if you can not afford our properties you should not be contemplating real estate.

We have condos from $40,000 and pool homes from $60,000 all in good locations and viewed by our Broker so as to be able to recommend them as quality investment.

These properties are now ready for rental and indeed in some cases are already leased out under contract and bringing in good rental income.

Cheap Florida Homes in good locations? Absolutely! Let us list some of these locations.

Orlando is one of these locations with good quality cheap properties available in two main locations for two different markets. First you have the Disney/Kissimmee area where there are good deals available and ready for the tourist rental market for the coming year. This is an attractive prospect as with the exchange rate against the Dollar more tourists will come to this area, most likely in excess of 60 Million tourists.

The second location is in the commercial areas and close to the large shopping Malls where you get local workers renting out condos and apartments on long term contracts.

The other main locations are self promoting and well documented such as Miami, Tampa Bay area, Sarasota,  and up and down both the Atlantic coast and the Gulf coast Sun locations.

Cheap Florida homes are now affordable to everyone! Yes indeed, you might think you can not afford to buy one, but surely the question is can you not afford to buy one?

The market will never be more favorable again for investors small and large. The properties are there, the market is there and experts like us are thee to support you through purchase but also our after sales service is there to support you.



So you want to buy a Cheap Florida Homes , what next?

Simple, contact us and our Licensed Broker who will act free of charge on your behalf.

The Broker will inspect the proposed property and research the location to make sure that you are investing well and that you are happy with the property we are recommending.

We act on your behalf right through to the completion of the purchase and after that we do not leave you high and dry like other real estate companies.

Our after sale service is exceptional!

So you might fear that if you buy a cheap Florida home that a lot of maintenance etc is involved? Not at all, we can assist with financing your property with competitive mortgage rates, we can source rental for you through our marketing and our web sites. We can manage and maintain your property to a high standard so that it is always attractive to the rental market.

There is little left for you to worry about! Yes so come on contact us now and add a whole new dimension to your investment portfolio and indeed your quality of life and get some quality time over here in the Sunshine State.

Justin Trapp