May 29, 2024


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Cheap Flat Fee MLS Solutions Provide More For The Money

Are you looking for a way to advertise your home for cheap FSBO and don’t know what to do? If you’re wanting to DIY and simultaneously save time and money, then using a Cheap Flat Fee Realty is the best option. With today’s economic market issues, Real Estate Agencies are a lot tougher to deal with. Discount Realtors simplify the process and hold a real estate license. They are just as effective as any real estate agent, plus their services are provided at a discounted rate.

Cheap Flat Fee Realty ensures that your home is listed on the same local Realtor’s MLS without the expensive commission compensation you would otherwise be required to pay out because you pick the commission personally. You’re guaranteed increased exposure on hundreds of real estate websites utilizing a Discount Realty program and you’re in control of everything.

With Discount Brokers, you take advantage of the opportunity to get the most for your money, whereas with typical real estate agents, you must go by their rules and regulations and it can take them a very long time to cooperate with you.

It can also be expensive, not to mention they have difficulties overcoming the housing bubble in this economy when dealing with banks and lenders. They can’t guarantee they can help you out. People with zero equity or foreclosed homes are especially at risk for further loss if they go with the original methods.

MLS Brokers don’t use those ways and don’t have those issues because they have the freedom to work around the red tape that the others run into. Why keep getting trapped going nowhere fast? I’ve found a great company on a website that is capable of assisting specifically as well as dealing with FSBO property. There are five simple steps to list your property with an MLS Brokerage.

The first step is where you select your state to match you up with the appropriate Cheap Flat Fee Realty Package. In the second step, you review all of the details of their program and purchase it with a credit card. A receipt is immediately emailed to you for your records. The third step is where they contact your assigned Licensed Broker Affiliates and give them your contact info.

Fourth, the Licensed Broker Affiliates mail, fax, or email the forms/information they will need to create your MLS listing (this is the same MLS used by all of the Realtors.) Once the Licensed Broker Affiliates receive your information, the last step is to have you LIVE on the MLS ASAP and they will mail, fax, or email a copy of your Realtors MLS listing to you for your final review. Don’t fret, help is just a click away.