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Charlotte Homes for Sale in Ballantyne-Affordable Blakeney Homes!

Charlotte Homes in Ballantyne-Blakeney Homes:

South Charlotte property has typically always been a real pretty safe choice. Here, we’ll check out the edges further south of Charlotte-next to Ballantyne.

It seems that Ballantyne evolved so fast, that it already crossed over its own edges. Most recently, the place in demand, is without a doubt, Blakeney; found inside the area connected with Ardrey Kell as well as Rea Road.

Ballantyne had been so very sought after at its very start, that it became inherent to re-create pieces associated with it, only a couple of miles down the street. The main plot of land was available, the particular infrastructure was in place, and then seemingly instantly, consumers had a nice fresh new and friendly retail therapy area.

Complete with a Target , Black and White, Victoria’s Secret, Anne Taylor’s Loft, the site goes on…Boardwalk shoes, Marshalls, another Harris Teeter ( our #1 food shop) along with several wonderful restaurants.

Along came Blakeney:

Blakeney was launched to merge itself in as the more affordable Ballantyne-its expansion. This has really been done marvelously. Boulevarded roads, landscaped berms backing up to the primary roads, nearby soccer fields and such.

If you like the great outdoors, search for the Greenway Park system as a “must do”. These are provided by the Mecklenburg Park System. Trails with wooden bridges as well as small benches stationed along the course, just about all below a cover of trees with batches of sunlight here and there. The tracks usually ramble along creeks and water ways, with a periodic lake or perhaps a playing field popping up here and there.

Similar to the Ballantyne community, this local area of Charlotte provides top level educational facilities with the likes of Ardrey Kell High School; J.M. Robinson and Community House Middle ; McKee Road, Hawk Ridge and Polo Ridge Elementary Schools.

The housing values continue to rise as these schools continue to be sought out assets. If you purchase your Charlotte home here, you’ll not be let down by your decision.

The property valuations with regard to Blakeney might not end up being as costly as Ballantyne, however they are certainly not cheap.

Below is a selection regarding what a person can expect in this particular area whilst you are hunting for South Charlotte real estate for purchase (as of January 2011).

• Single family homes will probably range from about $200K to $1.2M.(Ballantyne tops off close to $3M. There it is! The median range for the area is usually about the similar as Ballantyne-$250K to $500K. Here, you actually will probably get even more properties with the price range to truly select from.

• Townhomes and also condos run higher, nearly all tend to be a little newer than Ballantyne’s and very chic. You’ll find these ranging anywhere from $150K all the way up to $800K; with the strongest purchasing average being about $200K.

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