July 13, 2024


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Central Texas Hunting Land

Hunting is a passion in the hill country of Central Texas. Whether you do your hunting with double-ought or a 35mm, you’ll find an enormous variety of wildlife on which to set your sights. If you’re seeking an investment or retirement property, and you love to hunt, why not look into the enormous stock of Central Texas hunting land for sale?

Central Texas, the fertile river valleys and rolling hills between the Colorado and the Brazos Rivers, was among the earliest areas in Texas to be settled. The earliest settlers of the area found rich farmland and an abundance of game for hunting and fishing. That abundance has not changed in the hundreds of years since the land was first settled. Land here is naturally stocked with every type of wild game from black bear to rabbit.

Imagine owning a little piece of that hunting heaven for yourself? Owning your own hunting ranch is not as far-fetched a dream as you might think. Depending on the area where you choose to settle, you can still buy hunting land in Central Texas for less than $5,000 an acre, and full working ranches for as little as $150,000. Have you always dreamed of riding the fence line or hunting on your own land? Today’s prices make that an affordable dream.

If you’re interested in hunting land for sale as an investment, this is the right time to buy, according to many investment counselors. The prices on large tracts of land are still reasonable enough to buy parcels of 1,000 acres or more that can be subdivided into smaller parcels or kept whole.

The interest in buying smaller tracts of hunting land is rising as baby boomers start retiring to the beautiful climate and more beautiful scenery in central Texas, and as the interest rises, so do the prices on smaller tracts of 6-20 acres of hunting, farming and ranch land. The investment potential of Central Texas hunting land for sale is being compared to the investment potential of Florida land thirty years ago.

The circumstances are similar: Central Texas is just entering an era of enormous and rapid expansion. Population in and around the urban areas of Central Texas has more than doubled in the past decade. As the urban metropolitan areas are built out, the land that surrounds them will rise in value, often with minimal investment from the land owner. As infrastructure is built; access roads, airports, transportation centers and commercial centers, the land that becomes more easily accessible will also increase in value.

But what if you are seeking the land for its beauty and remoteness? You’ll find plenty of Central Texas hunting land for sale in rural areas that are still untouched by developers. A great deal of this land is bordered and bounded by government and publicly owned land that is marked for preservation, making it easier to preserve your own land in its pristine natural state.

If your intent is to buy this land for income, you’ll find a ready market for hunting lodges and land that is leased for hunting by the day, week, month, season and even year. Hunting ranches are very viable income-producing properties that require little management and have high earning potential.

Whatever your interest in Central Texas investment, whether it be personal or business, you’re bound to find hunting land that meets your needs. Financing for large portions of acreage is easily available, as is funding for development. Land for sale here include lots of thousands of acres for real estate development or hunting lands right down to small 6-10 acre hunting lots for your own personal use and pleasure.

The time to buy is now, though. According to Texas A&M, Texas land has become a very attractive lure for foreign investors seeking to buy in the U.S. The low prices and dropping value of the US dollar are encouraging those foreign investors to buy up large parcels of land for development and investment purposes.

As the land is developed, and demand increases, the prices for land will inevitably rise. West Texas is already seeing the effects of the increased demands; prices for West Texas acreage increased over 15{ef6a2958fe8e96bc49a2b3c1c7204a1bbdb5dac70ce68e07dc54113a68252ca4} in just one year, from 2005 to 2006.

If you’re looking for the perfect retirement or investment property, or the ideal place to raise your family, take a look at Central Texas hunting land for sale to see all that it has to offer you.