May 29, 2024


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Cape Verde Property

This island, only less than 6 hours from London, has become the ultimate real estate investment opportunity. Real estate agencies in UK are seeing Cape Verde as a great opportunity for real estate investors.

The huge investment interest in these ‘New Canary Islands’ stands in all the advantages that this young property market offers. The main advantage Cape Verde offers is the fact that you can buy spectacular and luxury front line beach properties for very low prices. Not only the prices are low, but there you can enjoy stunning beaches and landscapes.

Not only hot properties attract investors in Cape Verde, but also the investors’ chance of exploring virgin markets. This is the place where you can set up really profitable business as you can be among the very few on the market.

Low cost direct flights from Europe, the affordable prices in the island and the spectacular beaches and places contribute to the growth of the tourism industry. This is why Cape Verde properties are showing really promising gains. Purchasing property on this island is a very profitable investment, not only as business, but you can also enjoy a wonderful holiday home.

Cape Verde is an attractive investment option as property prices are increasing really fast. That’s why some real estate agents say that property is the island’s main industry. And that is true, as this island has all it takes to be considered the ultimate tropical paradise – stunning beaches, amazing landscapes due to the diversity of each island, some are mountainous and rocky, others are flat and sandy.

Purchasing a property in Cape Verde can be a very profitable investment as this a developing attraction for European tourists and not only. The prices are low and the economical growth can be seen coming. The reason stands in the fact that everything is reinvented now – tourism, economics, trade, airports. That allows to all investors being the first ones to explore this islands’ economical potential.

However, things are not that simple as they may look like. Even if everybody knows that Cape Verde is the next big property investment opportunity, that doesn’t mean that everybody will make a fortune of that.

That’s why you have to be guided by something or somebody in order to make the best investment possible. There are many things that a real estate investor should know.

Don’t forget that you are trying to make business in a foreign land and you may face different problems, as no society resembles another. That’s why you should look for professional people that know their way around Cape Verde and make them give you a hand.

Probably the most essential thing when trying to purchase property in Cape Verde is hiring a local lawyer that is speaking your language. This is very important as it will ensure a good communication between you and the local authorities. A lawyer is crucial in avoiding legal problems when purchasing property, as he will ensure that everything is going well, by checking the property and making all papers which are needed.

Purchasing property in Cape Verde is a great business opportunity, but you have to be really careful when buying and always consult a guide before spending your money.