May 20, 2024


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Cancun Real Estate’s New Beaches Ready for Winter 2010

One of the prime beachfront destinations to be found in Mexico MLS listings is Cancun Real Estate. Cancun is famous for the warm, soft, white sand which its beaches offer, and for several decades now, foreign buyers of Mexico Real Estate have been choosing condos and other properties in Cancun for this reason. Cancun residents and new real estate buyers will be happy to know that the beach restoration work which began in the fall 2009 is progressing rapidly, and condo owners have already enjoying a different kind of “white Christmas” on the new, wider beaches.

At the end of November, more than 25,000 cubic feet of sand had already been distributed over about 400 yards of Cancun’s beachfront. Cancun real estate who either reside here permanently, or came down to enjoy their vacations in a warmer climate not only saw, but enjoyed the work so far completed; while some Americans and Canadians are enjoying a white Christmas because of the newly fallen snow, along with the aches and pains that go with all the cold, these property owners are enjoying a white Christmas because of the newly laid, white, warm sand; besides white their Christmas is also blue, because of the sunny sky, and turquoise blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Mexico’s federal Ministry of Tourism, which is overseeing the project, noted that the source for the new sand is a bed of this white sand just off of Cancun’s beachfront, in an area called “La Ollita.” So far, 50 percent of the material authorized for the re-widening of the beaches of Cancun has been extracted from the source, and the Cancun Hotel Association intends to request further sand for more extensive restoration of beaches in Cancun and the nearby Riviera Maya. MLS listings for the area will show excellent choices in beachfront condos. The efforts of the Association and other groups involved help guarantee that these properties gain the benefit of being on even better beaches.

The organizers of the project have also placed a heavy emphasis on the environmental impact of the extraction of the sand, gathering a team of international environmental scientists to monitor and regulate the extraction. They have also emphasized that this work is being carried out with absolute transparency and with the accompaniment of the best specialists in environment, since one of the objectives of the project, in addition to restoring and maintaining the splendor of the beaches for tourism and real estate, is to promote respect for balance and sustainable development in the region.

Even more so than before, Cancun MLS listings will be able to boast being on some of the worlds whitest, largest and most beautiful beaches. Buyers searching Mexico MLS can be certain that when they buy real estate in Cancun, their beachfront lifestyle will be the best there is available.