July 20, 2024


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Buying Raw Land For Investment Opportunities

Buying land holds a lot of investment opportunities for buyers. Aside personal use you can use the land for recreational purposes. You can develop it into equestrian, hunting, fishing or hiking facility. Additionally you can build residential quarters for hiring out to lodgers.

Usually you would want to buy land from a rural area real estate agent. The agent will give you offers according to your need, preferences, purpose and the budget. He will then be able to offer you land that best suits the purpose. In most times, the agent will need to go round with you to inspect the land yourself. You way want to accompany him on his trip so that you can be able to get a first hand experience of what you are buying looks like.

You may also want to do your land buying yourself. You may want to do all the research and the acquisition. For you to be able to do this however, you should be well versed in the real estate market fundamentals and be able to appreciate and understand all of its legalities.

One place that looks less obvious but is a good place to buy land is the internet. You can also buy your property online. You can visit eBay or some other auction market place to negotiate for your land.

Buying land online is very easy. You will not want to walk miles down the place to look at the property. From the web you can be able to get all the pictures you need so you form an idea of how the land looks like. All the probable questions that you will have about the land have been answered already by the owner and you will only have to do the payment and the paper work to do if you are satisfied.

If you are buying land online, you may wan to take certain precautions so you buy right. You may want to ask the seller for aerial pictures so you can be able to have an overview of the place. Since you are not on the ground itself to inspect, you should request for all information and be sure to have an accurate description throughout. You may want to ask about access roads to the place, supply of water, utilities, any restrictions on the use of the land etc.

You will also need to know about the agricultural properties of the land. You will want to know about the soil fertility, the terrain, the vegetation, type of wildlife and even the incidence of water bodies in the area.

You will also want to know from the owner the availability of certain amenities in the area. You will want to get to a place which is fully serviced and does not lack any modern conveniences.

If you intend to use the land for recreational purposes, you must make sure that it can be accesses throughout the year. You do not want to lose money from bad roads. You would not want your patrons to stay away because your land or property cannot be accessed during certain times of the year.

If you intend to use the land for hunting, you will want to consult with the local authorities to know about the ingress and egress issues relating to the land. You will also want to know about any easements so that you are able to go in and out of your land without much trouble.

If the land lacks trails and roads, you will have to construct some yourself. You will know from the owner about all these so you can know the actual cost of maintaining and acquiring the land.

Lastly, you will liaise with the wildlife department to know about the zoning for the area. Some land will not allow any development of residential property or hunting of wildlife.

If you are buying from eBay you will ensure that the seller you are buying from has a good feedback and that you use the price filtering tool to get lower prices appearing first in your results.