April 15, 2024


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Buying a Home; Manila Condos, Apartments in Manila or Single Detached Manila Homes?

When deciding to buy a house in Manila, you need to determine which type of home suits your needs, requirements and lifestyle. You can choose property types from Manila Condominiums, Apartments in Manila to single detached Manila homes.

As a homebuyer it is important to know each property type and the different responsibilities attached to it. Aside from the pride of ownership — which includes paying real estate taxes — there are many differences between each of these home types – from the ownership to the running cost and maintenance.
To help you decide which Manila property to buy, here is an overview of what to expect if you buy a Manila Condominium, apartment in Manila or a single detached Manila Home;
Manila Condominiums

Manila condos became a popular type of homeownership since 1970. Today Manila Condominium developments incorporate green architecture. Transforming the usual cold steel and glass into soft, inviting and tranquil retreat to provide your family with a healthy environment with the convenience of in-city living.

An important thing to remember is that you only own the space inside the walls, ceiling and floor of the Manila condominium unit you live in.

Maintenance: This type of ownership offers lower running cost since the building’s expenses are divided among all the condo owners.  Naturally, you enjoy the building’s recreational facilities while paying only a fraction of the whole maintenance cost.

Apartments in Manila

Before there were condos, people owned apartment typed units which consists mainly of a large room where the living room, dining room and the kitchen is rolled into one.

Maintenance: Like Manila condos, your assessments cover the general maintenance of the property. But because the corporation pays real estate taxes on the property, your share of the taxes is included in your monthly assessment.

Single Detached Manila Homes

Single Detached Family Manila Homes are the most common type of homeownership in the Philippines which range from 300 sq. m. bungalow to a 6000 sq. feet sprawling mansion. This property type became a popular choice of homeownership because it sits on its own piece of land which allows you to modify or improve your living spaces as you wish.
Maintenance: As a homeowner, you are responsible for all of the expenses associated the ownership, the maintenance and the running costs which include real estate taxes, garbage removal, water and energy payments.

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