May 25, 2024


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Boracay Condo – A Dream House on the Beach

A Boracay condo is a home which calms the soul and invokes peace. Situated next to the White Beach in Boracay Island, Philippines, these houses are the perfect blending of high class living with the simplicity of nature. If you own a Boracay condo, you have not purchased just a property. You have got serenity for yourself.

There are several varieties to choose from when you plan to own a Boracay condo. You can go for One White Beach Luxury Residences. These are located in Station One of the world famous White Beach. The last word in ecology friendly architecture, the One White Beach Luxury Residences fulfill the crying need the world over – doing your bit for the Earth’s imbalanced ecology system.

If you chose to own one of The Pearl Residences, you are investing in a Boracay condo that has been done by some of the world’s best. They are a joint venture between Philippine and Irish developers, with adequate local flavor and global standards of excellence.

Your choice of Boracay condo might be the Villa Maria and Margarita, which are part of a 52 room condominium project. It has two 3-storey Mediterranean inspired structures. Highly preferred among the various Boracay condo projects, these housing units are built alongside the beautiful fairways of the only golf course in Boracay.

Yes, there are many Boracay condo options for you to select from. And there are many people who do exactly this. But there are other Boracay Island Philippines properties you can select from as well such as apartments, Boracay villas and land too. can help you select the exact Boracay Island real estate property you need – be it the Boracay condo or something else.

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