May 24, 2024


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Belize Real Estate – Rent for the Island Life in Belize

A lot of people are looking for tropical places when it’s starting to get cold in their native land, especially when winter is coming and people aren’t always happy with snow. For those who disdain having cold feet and layering up on clothes, they can go ahead and rent an Island Life in the tropics!

What better tropical paradise to go to but sanctuary Belize of Central America? You can stay there until the beginning of spring to forego winter altogether. Belize has a constant warm weather, which is only disrupted, by the occasional rains. Although, this may be the time for that vacation you’ve been waiting to spend.

If you want to spend more than weeks in paradise and you think that hotels aren’t friendly to your pockets, then you can try those weekly or monthly house rentals. This way you have a house for yourself that’s big enough to drag a few friends or family members.

House rentals are often cheaper than checking in a hotel. Although you won’t have room service or the finest wine available, you can go ahead and visit the myriad selection of decent restaurants. Food is very easy in Belize. Since you have your own house, perhaps it’s time to wear that apron and whip up your own native exotic dish.

There is a lot of Belize real estateproperties that are owned by foreigners outside Belize and have their houses rented out to tourists or vacationers for a long period of time. Often, these properties are watched over by caretakers while they are away. You can also hire a maid if you wish while staying in Belize. Maids are a whole lot cheaper here compared to the rates of America or United Kingdom. Their rates would probably be around $15-$20 a day.

After you’ve run away from the cold winter, you can stroll along the beach or get a tan. All your friends and coworkers would be surprised where you got your tan line in the middle of winter! Mountain trekking is a way of discovering nature in its finest moments. Belize is also rich in rain forests and ancient Mayan structures. Some people really do stay longer in Belize just to get some bird watching activities. Belize is home to hundreds of avian species.

With so many things to do in Belize such as fly fishing, trekking and checking out the natural habitat, people tend to stay longer in the country. Therefore, renting rather than buying a Belize real estate property is very ideal to those who wish to stay for months in this warm and cozy country.

That is why there are those who now offer their vacation homes to tourists and have it rented weekly or monthly. This way, they can cut costs on maintaining the house while they are away. This also gives others the opportunity to see Belize in a very different light, as though they live in paradise without the restrictions of hotels and the sight of bellboys.